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Response to Assessing the benefits of Fairtrade orange juice for Brazilian small farmers

2014 Assessing the benefits of Fairtrade orange juice for Brazilian small-scale farmers.  Response from commissioning agencies Max Havelaar Foundation Netherlands and Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) Utrecht / Basel, October 2014

Fairtrade coffee: Economic sustainability

This report examines how fair trade coffee is strengthening the supply chain and providing economic sustainability. The content is based on interviews conducted during a field trip by the Fairtrade Foundation to five Fairtrade certified coffee organisations in Central America.

Modern Slavery Act guidance note

The Fairtrade Foundation and Fairtrade International firmly welcome the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, which addresses “‘slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour’ and ‘human trafficking’” in supply chains. This summary note is intended to explain the main ways in which a Fairtrade commitment enables companies to address and mitigate risks to slavery and human trafficking.

Cocoa Sustainable Livelihoods Landscape Study: Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana - Summary

A critical review of initiatives across the cocoa sector that aim to achieve sustainable livelihoods for cocoa farmers and their communities in West Africa.

Response to An Evaluation of Fairtrade Impact on Smallholders and Workers in the Banana Sector in Northern Colombia

2014 Summary and Response from the Commissioning Agency Max Havelaar Foundation (the Netherlands) to an Independent Evaluation of Fairtrade Impacts in Certified Banana Cooperatives and Plantations

Assessing the benefits of Fairtrade orange juice for Brazilian small farmers

2014 A research report by BSD Consulting of three Fairtrade orange growers’ cooperatives, representing producers in all major orange producing regions of Brazil. The study assessed the social, economic and environmental benefits of Fairtrade for the producers and their workers, their organizations and their community/region.

Equal Harvest report

 A report focussing on Fairtrade and gender, examining how can the barriers to women's participation in smallholder agriculture can be removed.