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Stellenbosch Drive

Exclusively available in Co-op.

Leopard's Leap

Available in Co-op.


Kumala Fairtrade Pinotage Shiraz - available exclusively in Co-op stores.

Liberty Wines

Available at a range of indepenent online wine retailers.

Sweets and Snacks

From sugary to nutty, and a whole lot in between, find your favourite Fairtrade snacks in-store and online!

Cotswold Fudge

Lovingly created in our Cotswold kitchen to create melt in the mouth fudge.

Devon Cottage Organic Fudge

Traditional, handmade, crumbly Devon fudge.


A family business that manufactures delicious fudge and confectionery.

The Pearls of Samarkand

For top quality Fairtrade organic plant-based GF products from The Pearls of Samarkand brand.