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As well as being the UK's largest retailer of Fairtrade flowers, all our rose bunches from Kenya have been Fairtrade since 2007.


Partnering with over 54,000 local flower shops.

Serenata Flowers

By sending Fairtrade flowers you are directly contributing towards sustainable flower farming.


Choose from our beautiful selection of rose and lily bouquets to mark that special occasion.

Arena Flowers

Arena is one of only two specialist UK florists to be registered with Fairtrade.


Find out where you can buy an increasing range of wonderful Fairtrade wines from South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Lebanon, as well as Fairtrade beers and spirits.

Finca Monteflores Argentina

Finca Monteflores Argentina Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon are available to purchase from Booths.


The UK's largest retailer of Fairtrade wine.