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Towns guide for working with schools

A guide for Fairtrade Towns groups wanting to work closely with schools in their area.

Fairtrade pledge certificate

Use this pledge certificate to reward local organisations for their commitments to Fairtrade.

Fundraising guide

If you're interested in fundraising for Fairtrade, read this handy guide.

Workplaces presentation - The Business Case for Fairtrade

If you're a campaigner wanting to engage with workplaces in your area, or a business interested in procuring Fairtrade for your employees and visitors, download this presentation. Extra information is in the notes section.

Press release Fairtrade Town milestone template

Use this press release template to celebrate a special milestone as a Fairtrade Town (e.g. 10 year anniversary) and publicise your activities in the area.

Lesson plan for schools

A simple, engaging lesson plan for towns groups to use in schools. This resource includes instructions, a powerpoint presentation and an activity sheet.