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The Fairtrade hot beverage range that donates 2% of all sales to Social Enterprise projects.


We are, and always have been committed, to sourcing our teas and coffees in an ethical and sustainable way.

Cool Earth Coffee

We’re on a mission to improve the quality of the nation's office coffee. Find out why we’re full of beans.


We became Fairtrade licensees in 1998 and roast a range of fine Fairtrade coffees from Colombia, Brazil and Honduras.


We make sure that the people and environments that grow this coffee are supported, respected and protected.

Soho Coffee Co

We are an independent business, passionate about serving the very best, triple certified coffee.


Our patented coffee capsules provide something for every taste and occasion.

Stewarts Coffee

Our aim is to get more people drinking better coffee. You won’t believe how simple it is to have such a great pleasure.


One of the largest purchasers of Fairtrade certified coffee in the world.