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Owens Coffee Roasters

Owens love coffee, especially sustainably sourced coffee.

Nairobi Tea and Coffee Company

Suppling ethically certified coffees for over a decade, with a range of Fairtrade coffees in its portfolio.


All our coffees are made with Fairtrade, organic coffee beans and entirely natural processes.

West Cornwall Pasty

We are proud to go the extra mile to ensure each cup of St Just is made using Organic & Fairtrade coffee beans.


We source 100% Arabica beans that are fair trade, supporting farmers.

Harvey Nichols

The Harvey Nichols Fairtrade special blend coffee is medium to full bodied with smooth chocolate undertones.


From a single location in a small bookstore in 1997 to over 140 coffee shops.

Matthew Algie

Ethics to the max. Taste to the fore.