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Creating and developing a UK market for artisanal Palestinian produce.

Liberation Nuts

The UK’s only Fair Trade, farmer-owned nut company.

Hilltop Honey

Offering a pure and natural Organic Fairtrade honey, which supports beekeepers in South America. Discover for yourself, there’s more to honey.


Strawberry and raspberry conserve, made with Fairtrade sugar.


A delicious range of flavoured sugars, for baking & sprinkling, including cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, rose, lemon, chai & mulled spice.

Marks and Spencers

A variety of tangy marmalades and fruity conserves, made with Fairtrade sugar.


Organic Molasses made in South America by the traditional 3-stage boiling process.

Rice Grains and Cereals

A global range of grains and cereals to add fibre to your Fairtrade diet!