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Strawberry and raspberry conserve, made with Fairtrade sugar.


Organic Molasses made in South America by the traditional 3-stage boiling process.

Marks and Spencers

A variety of tangy marmalades and fruity conserves, made with Fairtrade sugar.

Rice Grains and Cereals

A global range of grains and cereals to add fibre to your Fairtrade diet!

The Pearls of Samarkand

For top quality Fairtrade organic plant-based GF products from The Pearls of Samarkand brand.


The Quinoa specialist: tasty, healthy and easy to prepare quinoa based products.


Turn breakfast into a special occasion with our Irresistible muesli and granola.

King Soba

We have a wide range of products which are wheat & gluten free, perfect for special diets.