Where Fairtrade works

There are over 1.65 million farmers and workers in 1,226 producer organisations across the Fairtrade system.

The list below allows you to explore some case studies of both producer organisations and individual workers in 74 countries across four continents.

Discover the difference that Fairtrade is making to the lives of farmers and workers, their families and communities.



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  • Costa Rica

    15 Certified Organisations

    23338 Certified Farmers

  • Colombia

    95 Certified Organisations

    47426 Certified Farmers

    • Coffee

      Through coffee and the development of the cooperative, ASPROTIMANA has offered the families hope for a better future.

    • Aimeth
      Aimeth Fernandez Angulo - ASOBANARCOOP, Colombia

      Aimeth Fernández Angulo is a banana farmer and manager of ASOBANARCOOP, a growers’ co-operative in Magdalena, Colombia.

    • alexis martinez
      Alexis Martinez Palacios - Agrosiete, Colombia

      Alexis Martinez Palacios is a full-time worker in the packing facility of Agrosiete, a banana plantation located in Urabá, Colombia.

    • Albeiro Alfonso Cantillo
      Foncho Cantillo - Coobafrio Co-operative, Colombia

      Albeiro Alfonso Cantillo, known as Foncho, is a banana farmer from Cienaga, in the banana growing region of Magdalena, northern Colombia.

      BANAFRUCOOP, Colombia

      Cooperativa de Productores de Banano del Magdalena (BANAFRUCOOP) is a smallholder banana producers co-operative located in northern Colombia

    • Bananas de Uraba
      Bananeras de Urabá, Colombia

      Bananeras de Urabá is a multi-estate plantation made up of six Fairtrade certified farms (Mi Tierra, Madrigal, La Tagua, Venturosa, Cantares, and Evocación).

    • Medellin plantation

      Plantación Martha María is a medium-size producer of banana for the export market, located in the Uraba region of northwest Colombia.

  • India

    77 Certified Organisations

    137641 Certified Farmers

  • Tanzania

    17 Certified Organisations

    157354 Certified Farmers

    • anna micheal
      Anna Michael Mlay - KDCU Ltd, Tanzania

      Anna is employed at the KDCU head office where she is responsible for all issues relating to employment. 

    • kdcu farmer
      KDCU, Tanzania

      Karagwe District Cooperative Union Ltd (KDCU) is an organisation of small scale coffee growers located in the Karagwe District of northwest Tanzania.

    • coffee bean close up
      KPD, Tanzania

      Kaderes Peasants Development Plc (KPD) is a coffee co-operative located in Karagwe, northwest Tanzania.

  • Sri Lanka

    18 Certified Organisations

    26411 Certified Farmers

  • Saint Lucia

    1 Certified Organisations

    1518 Certified Farmers

  • Uganda

    14 Certified Organisations

    48048 Certified Farmers

  • Malawi

    Certified Organisations

    Certified Farmers

    • Sugar
      Henry Matenda - KCGA, Malawi

      Henry Matenda owns a 2.5 hectare plot of land on which he grows sugar cane as part of Kasinthula Cane Growers’ Association (KCGA).

    • Masauko
      Masauko Khembo - KCG, Malawi

      Masauko is General Manager of Kasinthula Cane Growers Limited, a company owned by KCG farmers through the Shire Valley Cane Growers Trust.

    • Satemwa worker
      Satemwa Tea Estates LTD, Malawi

      Satemwa Tea Estate is located in the Shire Highlands of southern Malawi. Tea is a major employer and earner of foreign exchange for the Malawian economy.

    • Sukambizi farmer
      Sukambizi Association Trust, Malawi

      Sukambizi Association Trust (SAT) is an organisation of small-scale tea producers located in the Mount Mulanje area of southern Malawi.

    • kcg female worker
      Kasinthula Cane Growers Association, Malawi

      Kasinthula Cane Growers’ Association (KCG) is a smallholder sugar cane project located in an inhospitable region of southern Malawi.

    • Masfa
      MASFA, Malawi

      MASFA is an organisation of small-scale farmers in Malawi who produce peanuts for the export market and is also part-owner of Liberation Foods (UK Fair Trade nut company).

    • Mzuzu farmer
      Mzuzu Coffee Planters Co-operative Union, Malawi

      Since 1999, Mzuzu Coffee Planters Co-operative Union believe that increased production of their award-winning coffee would improve their livelihood.

  • Ghana

    27 Certified Organisations

    95445 Certified Farmers

    • juliana sampana
      Juliana Sampana - Akoma, Ghana

      Juliana Sampana is the President of the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society (Akoma) whose members collect shea nuts for processing into shea butter.

    • Juliet, VREL
      Juliet Arku-Mensah - VREL, Ghana

      Juliet’s role as Fairtrade Officer includes supporting VREL in complying with Fairtrade Standards and maintaining its Fairtrade Certification.

    • Kuapa farmer
      Kuapa Kokoo, Ghana

      Kuapa Kokoo is located in Kumasi, at the centre of the cocoa growing region in the West of Ghana.

  • Mali

    8 Certified Organisations

    16446 Certified Farmers

  • Ethiopia

    8 Certified Organisations

    121874 Certified Farmers

  • Nicaragua

    34 Certified Organisations

    30231 Certified Farmers

    • Soppexcca worker
      SOPPEXCCA, Nicaragua

      SOPPEXCCA was formed in 1997 by a group of 62 farmers to improve the lives of its members and their communities to build a sustainable organisation.

    • UCA-San-Juan-worker
      UCA SAN JUAN, Nicaragua

      UCA was founded in 1992 by members of 11 village co-operatives.

    • Coomprocom
      COOMPROCOM, Nicaragua

      COOMPROCOM (Cooperativa Multisectorial de Productores de Café Orgánico de Matagalpa) is a coffee co-operative located in central Nicaragua.

    • Teresa Riviera Palacios
      Teresa Riviera Palacios – SOPPEXCCA, Nicaragua

      Teresa Riviera Palacios has been the president of the co-operative Dantanli Los Robles since 2012, and has been farming coffee for many years. 

  • Bolivia

    35 Certified Organisations

    6600 Certified Farmers

    • UPROAGRO coffee beans
      UPROAGRO, Bolivia

      Unión de Productores Agropecuarios (UPROAGRO) is an association of small-scale coffee growers located in northern Bolivia.

  • Kenya

    82 Certified Organisations

    265796 Certified Farmers

    • bigot
      Bigot Flowers Ltd, Kenya

      Bigot Flowers Ltd started growing roses in 2002. When they achieved Fairtrade certification in 2008, they made lots of positive changes.

    • primarosa
      Primarosa Flowers Ltd, Kenya

      Primarosa Flowers has set itself the goal of being the leader in its region in the implementation of environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

    • ravine roses worker
      Ravine Roses, Kenya

      Ravine Roses is part of Karen Roses Limited Group, a company established in 1989 by the Kotut family.

    • Gikanda
      Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society, Kenya

      Gikanda Farmers Co-operative Society (Gikanda) is located in the Mathira Division of Mathira East District in the Central Province of Kenya.

    • Iriaini worker

      Iriaini was Fairtrade certified in October 2006. It currently sells around 60 tonnes of tea or 2% of production to the Fairtrade market.

  • Mexico

    59 Certified Organisations

    35339 Certified Farmers

  • Guatemala

    22 Certified Organisations

    12469 Certified Farmers

    • ACODIHUE worker
      ACODIHUE, Guatemala

      ACODIHUE is located in the Cuchumatanes Mountains of Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

      FEDECOCAGUA, Guatemala

      FEDECOCAGUA became Fairtrade certified in 2000, though some member cooperatives have been selling to the Fairtrade market for more than 10 years.

  • Belize

    2 Certified Organisations

    6289 Certified Farmers

    • BSCFA
      BSCFA, Belize

      Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) is located in the ‘sugar belt’ area of northern Belize.

  • Peru

    112 Certified Organisations

    56675 Certified Farmers

    • Cecovasa
      CECOVASA, Peru

      CECOVASA is a secondary-level organisation made up of 10 primary co-operatives which represent 5,049 Quechua and Aymara peasant families.

  • Honduras

    27 Certified Organisations

    5669 Certified Farmers

    • COMSA worker
      COMSA, Honduras

      Café Organica Marcala (COMSA) is an association of small-scale organic coffee producers located in the La Paz region of western Honduras.

  • Dominican Republic

    33 Certified Organisations

    20109 Certified Farmers

    • Conacado worker
      CONACADO, Dominican Republic

      CONACADO is a union of cocoa co-operatives in the Dominican Republic whose cocoa is sold to Fairtrade and other export markets.

  • Vietnam

    8 Certified Organisations

    847 Certified Farmers

    • Sack of coffee beans
      CUDLIEMNONG, Vietnam

      Cud Lie Mnong Fairtrade Agriculture Cooperative (CUDLIEMNONG) is located in Cu Mgar, in the central highlands of Vietnam.

  • Côte d’Ivoire

    55 Certified Organisations

    34961 Certified Farmers

      ECOOKIM, Ivory Coast

      Five primary co-operatives came together on 26 August 2004 to form the Entreprise Coopérative Kimbre, known as ECOOKIM.

  • South Africa

    38 Certified Organisations

    8492 Certified Farmers

  • Argentina

    13 Certified Organisations

    1223 Certified Farmers

    • white wine

      La Riojana is a co-operative of small-scale grape farmers in northwest Argentina who also process, bottle and export their wine to Europe and the US.

  • Paraguay

    13 Certified Organisations

    9274 Certified Farmers

    • manduvira coop
      Manduvirá Co-operative PARAGUAY

      Manduvirá Co-operative is located in the remote district of Arroyos y Esteros, around 70km northeast of Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay.

  • Papua New Guinea

    5 Certified Organisations

    3241 Certified Farmers