Fairtrade Easter Eggs

Have a cracking Easter this year with Fairtrade, and know that your choice is helping cocoa farmers earn a fairer wage for their hard work.

By choosing Fairtrade, you’re backing cocoa farmers in earning a living income. And thanks to the Fairtrade Premium, they can also invest back in their community and their environment.

Finding an ethical Easter egg is easier than ever before.

Aldi Specially Selected Ruby & Raspberry Geometric Egg

Make this Easter egg-stra special with Aldi’s first Fairtrade ruby egg.

The stunning, hand-decorated ruby chocolate geometric egg features dried raspberry pieces and is made with Fairtrade cocoa.

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Cocoa Loco Solid Marbled Chocolate Bunny

This completely solid marbled chocolate rabbit is hand-poured, meaning no two rabbits are the same!

As always, it’s organic, Fairtrade and palm oil free.

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Co-op Gro Salted Toffee Crunch Egg

GRO Fairtrade Cocoa Salted Toffee Crunch Easter is milk free and bursting with toffee flavour pieces with a sprinkle of Anglesey sea salt and made with the finest Fairtrade cocoa.

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Divine’s Flat Eggs

Divine’s newly-launched Flat Eggs come in two decadent flavours – a vegan dark chocolate with raspberry and a smooth milk chocolate, caramel and crunch.

These flat eggs use 40% less packaging than a standard boxed egg, are also palm-oil free and use 100% Fairtrade chocolate.

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Guylian milk chocolate egg in its package with Belgian seashell chocolates

Guylian Milk Chocolate Egg

You can’t imagine Easter without it: the chocolate Easter egg.

This Easter egg contains 12 individually wrapped Guylian seahorses with hazelnut praline filling. The famous hazelnut praline filling is still made in-house in copper kettles according to the original recipe of Guylian’s founder, Guy Foubert.

Buy online from Asda, Morrisons or Waitrose

Lidl Favorina Chocolate Unicorn

Why have an Easter egg when you can have an Easter Unicorn?

Lidl’s smooth milk chocolate Favorina Unicorn is finished with rich dark chocolate sprinkles and tasty streaks of white chocolate.

A delicious, decadent blend, it’s sure to delight!

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Tony’s Chocolonely Chunky Easter Eggs

These Chunky Easter Eggs are available in two of their most popular flavours, milk and milk caramel sea salt.

And each big egg comes with five different littl’ eggs, so there’s plenty to share – or keep!

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Waitrose The Cracking Pistachio

Inside the shell of the Waitrose blonde chocolate hides an indulgent pistachio flavoured egg speckled with pistachio nibs.

This new treat looks like a pistachio with the chocolate coating perfectly imitating the shell – get cracking and enjoy this delicious treat!

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Why choose a Fairtrade Easter egg?

Bengaly Bourama portrait next to sacks of cocoa beans
Bengaly Bourama, Secretary General of the COOBADI co-operative in Côte d’Ivoire

We have been able to build a school, accommodation for teachers of the school. We have renovated the hospital… all of this with the Fairtrade Premium. Without Fairtrade we wouldn’t be in this position.

Bengaly Bourama, Secretary General of the COOBADI cocoa co-operative in Côte d’Ivoire 

Farmers who grow the cocoa used in chocolate Easter eggs earn an average of $1 per day. It’s just not enough to meet their basic needs.

Plus cocoa farmers in countries such as Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, which have contributed the least to the climate emergency, are also facing its worst effects.

Choosing Fairtrade means backing farmers with fair pay, enabling them to create better lives for their families and communities.

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