Fairtrade Easter Eggs for 2023

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It’s time to stock up for Easter: here are some of the best Fairtrade Easter eggs for all the family.

Finding an ethical Easter egg is easier than ever before.

By choosing Fairtrade this Easter, you’re backing cocoa farmers in earning a living income. And thanks to the Fairtrade Premium, they can also invest back in their community and their environment.

Here are just a few of our eggs-tra delicious Fairtrade favourites.

Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Wildflower Chocolate Egg Fairtrade

Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Wildflower Chocolate Egg

Luxury for less with Aldi’s Wildflower Chocolate Egg. Belgian milk chocolate lined with Gianduja. Made with Fairtrade cocoa.

Buy online from Aldi.

Divine Fairtrade dark chocolate egg with dark chocolate mini eggs

Divine Dark Chocolate Egg

A rich dark chocolate egg that comes with mini dark chocolate eggs. This decadent Easter egg is made with 70% Fairtrade cocoa. It comes in plastic-free packaging too.

Buy Divine’s Luxury Dark Chocolate Egg from Ocado.

Green & Blacks organic dark chocolate easter egg

Green & Black’s Organic Easter Egg

Treat someone special to Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate Easter egg. Made from Trinitario cocoa beans for extra flavour.

Buy Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Egg.

Guylian Fairtrade Easter Egg

Guylian Milk Chocolate Egg

An enticing Easter egg made with 100% Fairtrade milk chocolate. Tucked inside are 12 seahorses crafted from Guylian’s famous praline.

Buy from the Guylian website.

Lidl Deluxe Pink Gin White Chocolate Marbled Egg

Lidl Deluxe Pink Gin White Chocolate Marbled Egg

A very grown up Easter egg! Lidl’s Deluxe Marbled Egg swirls pink gin flavour with Fairtrade white chocolate.

Buy from Lidl.

Maltesers Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

A scrumptious milk chocolate Easter Egg complete with a packet of Maltesers made with Fairtrade chocolate.

Available from most retailers.

Buy from Waitrose.

Tony's Chocolonely egg carton open to show mini eggs inside

Tony’s Chocolonely Easter Eggs Assortment

This carton of 12 eggs is unfairly divided by flavour to draw attention to the inequality in the chocolate industry. Incredible milk chocolate, extra dark, milk almond honey nougat, milk caramel sea salt, milk hazelnut and milk pretzel toffee.

Pick up Tony’s Chocolonely’s Easter Eggs.

Why choose a Fairtrade Easter egg?

Bengaly Bourama portrait next to sacks of cocoa beans
Bengaly Bourama, Secretary General of the COOBADI co-operative in Côte d’Ivoire

Farmers who grow the cocoa used in chocolate Easter eggs earn an average of $1 per day. It’s just not enough to meet their basic needs.

Plus cocoa farmers in countries such as Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, which have contributed the least to the climate emergency, are also facing its worst effects.

Choosing Fairtrade means backing farmers with fair pay, enabling them to create better lives for their families and communities.

We have been able to build a school, accommodation for teachers of the school. We have renovated the hospital… all of this with the Fairtrade Premium. Without Fairtrade we wouldn’t be in this position.

Bengaly Bourama, Secretary General of the COOBADI cocoa co-operative in Côte d’Ivoire 

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