(L-r) Marnie Richards (Wolves Foundation), Julia Farrell, Chair of Wolverhampton City Fairtrade Partnership, Jeevan Kang (Wolves Foundation) at Molineux Stadium. Credit: Wolverhampton City Fairtrade Partnership.

How campaigners are taking part in Fairtrade Fortnight

For over 20 years, Fairtrade campaigners have played a crucial role in demanding a fairer, greener, more sustainable future for our food.

This Fairtrade Fortnight (27 February – 12 March) Fairtrade campaigners are once again springing into action to support Fairtrade farmers and workers. There’s plenty to take part in across the UK.

Newcastle-Under-Lyme: Fairtrade bananas doing parkrun

4, 11 March

At Hanley Park in Stoke-on-Trent and The Wammy in Newcastle-under-Lyme, campaigners will take part in parkruns dressed in banana suits.

Afterwards, there will be meet-ups in a nearby café, where runners can refuel with Fairtrade staples: a banana, coffee or tea.

A great example of how fun community events can bring people together to talk about trade and climate justice.

Farming communities uniting online

10 March

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum are bringing together rural food-growing communities in Scotland and Malawi with the launch of a film co-made by farmers and community groups in the two countries.

They will discuss ways to tackle issues like food insecurity, climate change and unfair trade both locally and globally.

Read more on Eventbrite.

Harrow, London: Fairtrade Tea Party

4 March

The Stonegrove Community Trust in Edgware have partnered with GROW, Co-op and Harrow Fairtrade Association to host a family Fairtrade Tea Party on Saturday 4 March, 3-5pm. Head there to learn more about how choosing Fairtrade can help to save the future of our favourite foods.

Throughout Fairtrade Fortnight, the Stonegrove centre will be hosting an art exhibition, celebrating local artists inspired by nature and the environment.

Find out more on the Harrow Fairtrade Twitter account.

Wolverhampton: a Premier League Fairtrade partnership

1 March

Wolverhampton City Fairtrade Partnership have partnered with Wolves Foundation, the official charity of the Wolverhampton Wanderers, to host a fantastic event this Fairtrade Fortnight.

Celebrate Fairtrade Day (10am-1pm) will include fun activities such as football sessions, Fairtrade workshops and a Molineux Stadium tour.

Follow Fairtrade Wolverhampton on Twitter for the latest updates.

Brent, London: Fairtrade film festival

5 March

Partnering with their local cinema, The Lexi in Kensal Rise, the Brent Fairtrade Network have organised a viewing of new documentary, Fashion Reimagined.

Hear from director, Becky Hutner, on what genuine sustainable fashion can look like. Brent Fairtrade group will also speak about how choosing Fairtrade cotton supports farmers severely disadvantaged by an unfair fashion industry.

Why not host your own Fashion Reimagined screening, and maybe your local Fairtrade group can get involved?

Across the UK: Co-op live events

Throughout Fortnight

Co-op is holding a range of events to showcase Fairtrade products and explain the positive impact of choosing to buy Fairtrade.

Stores will be hosting fun activities like Fairtrade treasure hunts, giveaways and displays of films and posters.

On Monday 27 February, in Enfield, north London, Co-op members will be joined by Enfield Fairtrade representatives and the local mayor, Doris Jiagge.

Find out more about Co-op’s Fairtrade Fortnight events on the Co-op website.

Cardiff: Fairtrade Supper Club

10 March

Fairtrade Wales have organised a number of great activities across Fairtrade Fortnight 2023.

Their flagship event, organised in partnership with Cardiff refugee kitchen Oasis, features a night of delicious Fairtrade food and stories, as we learn about the people who produce the food and drink we consume every day.

The Fairtrade dinner will also include films of some of the producers behind the ingredients used.

Book your place for the Fairtrade supper club.

Leatherhead: free Fairtrade bananas for kids

Pupils of St Peter’s Primary School, a Fairtrade School in Leatherhead, started a petition to include Fairtrade bananas in the Government’s free fruit for schools scheme.

While this petition is now closed, it collected over 6,000 signatures and their local MP is now asking questions in Parliament. A demonstration of just how powerful collective action (of all ages) can be!

Watch the pupils of St Peter’s explain why they started the petition in their fantastic short video.


  • Simon and Milton at The Wammy Fairtrade Fortnight parkrun 2022. Credit: STEP (Sustainable Exercise Partnership).
  • A Co-op stall with campaigners Barbara Judd and Mike DeVilliers.

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