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Where to buy Fairtrade Flowers

If you want to send a bouquet of ethically sourced flowers, choose Fairtrade flowers from your nearest supermarket or order a special selection online.

Fairtrade flowers are grown to the highest ethical and environmental standards on Fairtrade certified farms which must ensure the safety and working conditions for their employees. Fairtrade flower workers in countries such as Kenya which is the biggest producer, Sri Lanka and Ecuador receive an extra 10% for each stem sold. This is called the Fairtrade Premium and is spent on education, families, healthcare and communities, among other things. 

In 2020, sales of Fairtrade flowers generated over €7.2 million in Fairtrade Premium.

Adanech Duga, mother and flower worker at Sher flower farm in Ethiopia

You can support flower workers like Adanech Duga, when you buy Fairtrade flowers. Adanech is a worker at Sher flower farm in Ethiopia. Following training, the trade unions were able to negotiate with the farms to secure better policies for women workers. This includes increased maternity leave and additional breaks for nursing mothers to breast-feed.

After our trade union managed to negotiate for 4 months of maternity leave…. I had enough time with my son. I had time to breast feed him and nurture him as a mother…he was physically strong when I left him for work…it’s a privilege. I am really glad to be a beneficiary of this

Adanech Duga

A New Fairtrade florist scheme

Hoping to buy a bouquet from your local florist but don’t see any Fairtrade options? Order one of our postcards which explain the new Fairtrade florist scheme, and makes it really easy for your local independent florist to incorporate Fairtrade flowers. Each card also includes details of how your florist can get in touch with us to find out more.

The more people who ask for Fairtrade, the more florists will respond to the growing demand for ethical flowers.

Order a florist scheme postcard

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Co-op logo


Co-op sources 100% of its roses through Fairtrade. Look out for elegant arrangements to brighten up any room. Bouquets start at just £10 and are available nationwide.

Find your nearest Co-op



Look out for Aldi’s lovely mixed bouquets of Fairtrade roses and gypsophilia.

Find your nearest Aldi

Asda, Lidl and M&S also sell Fairtrade roses (check for the FAIRTRADE Mark on the pack):

Lidl logo
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Arena Flowers’ Fairtrade flowers

bouquet of pink red and yellow roses in a vase with an Arena Flowers box
Letterbox Mother’s Day Roses from Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers provides the very best in seasonal and ethically sourced flowers. 100% of Arena’s flowers are Fairtrade where they can be and it has been ranked the UK’s most ethical flower company for the last seven years. Arena Flowers also plants a tree for every single order to help with reforestation projects in Haiti, Madagascar and Mozambique.

Arena’s Letterbox Mother’s Day Roses are delivered straight through the letterbox and made up of a vibrant selection of roses combined with elegant eucalyptus to complete this beautiful bouquet.

Buy Arena’s Letterbox Mother’s Day Roses

Browse Arena Flowers Fairtrade bouquets

Marks & Spencer’s Fairtrade Flowers

a vase filled with yellow roses

Send a gift of classic white or yellow Fairtrade roses from M&S.

Order M&S Fairtrade flowers

Lavender Green

The Mitchell large size bouquet from Lavender Green

Lavender Green, the first Fairtrade florist, always has a varied selection of beautifully scented, hand-tied bouquets. This Mothers’ Day special, The Mitchell bouquet, is a lovely arrangement of pastel toned, fragrant flowers including Mayra Flamingo Fairtrade roses, tubarose, freesia, lilac and beautiful anemones.

Buy The Mitchell bouquet from Lavender Green online

Shop Lavender Green

Zing flowers

Letterbox Pastel Roses from Zing Flowers
Yellow Roses from Zing Flowers

These Fairtrade roses are a classic choice to show you care. The Letterbox Pastel Roses are made up of 16 white, pink and cerise roses, the Yellow Roses are made up of 24 vibrant yellow Fairtrade roses.

Send Fairtrade flowers online with Zing

Image credit: Waldemar Brandt via

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