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Fairtrade CLAC Relief Fund helps cocoa co-operative in Peru implement biosafety protocol

31 July, 2020

Cocoa co-operative in Peru uses Fairtrade CLAC’s Relief Fund to finance biosafety measures to prevent COVID-19 contagion.

Fairtrade Foundation very disappointed by deep cuts to UK aid

24 July, 2020

Tim Aldred, the Fairtrade Foundation’s Head of Policy, said: ‘We are very disappointed by this deep cut to UK aid. It falls at a time when hundreds of thousands are losing work in some of the poorest parts of the world, and extreme poverty and hunger are rising dramatically.

Fairtrade recognised for measures to protect human rights in food supply chain in Oxfam report

21 July, 2020

Fairtrade measures to protect human rights and tackle the effects of COVID in food supply chains have been acknowledged in a discussion paper by Oxfam, From Risk to Resilience.

Fairtrade coffee co-op earns more than £190,000 with ground-breaking clean cooking carbon credit project

16 July, 2020

Women Fairtrade coffee co-operative members from Ethiopia have been the first to earn carbon credits from clean cooking.

The UK has a unique opportunity to lead the world in making trade work for people and the planet

10 July, 2020

Today Fairtrade joined several NGOs, including CAFOD, Christian Aid and WWF to sign an open letter to Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss calling for trade deals to be aligned to environmental goals and to go further in reducing carbon emissions.

Banana producer organisation drives COVID-19 prevention campaign in the Dominican Republic

3 July, 2020

‘Do you have to do your shopping?’, says a voice message sent via WhatsApp. ‘First, try to limit the times you go out for the market or the store. The ideal would be to go out once a week, not every day. To go out, you must wear a facemask’, continues the message shared to workers, organisation members, and their families by the Ecological Bananas of the Northwest Line (Banelino).

UK shoppers help generate $41m for Fairtrade communities in 2019

29 June, 2020

Latest figures show shoppers back Fairtrade during challenging market and care more than ever about helping farmers and workers combat low prices in trade.

Fairtrade producers raise their voices to ask Nestlé to keep KitKat Fairtrade

23 June, 2020

After a decade of sourcing cocoa and sugar for KitKat in the UK and Ireland, Nestlé have informed Fairtrade they no longer plan to buy Fairtrade cocoa and sugar from some of the world’s most vulnerable small scale farmers.

12 Universities have achieved Fairtrade status in nationwide Fairtrade University and College Award

22 June, 2020

Higher education institutions in England and Scotland were notified this week that they have achieved Fairtrade University status.