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Fairtrade Foundation launches virtual festival to highlight harmful effect of climate crisis on farmers and food supplies

20 January, 2021

The festival will feature a series of events designed to engage and educate people around the urgent message of Fairtrade and climate change.

Lack of agreed trade deal with Ghana means banana farmers will face tariffs

4 January, 2021

Reacting to the news that Ghana has agreed the principles of a trade deal with the UK Government, the Fairtrade Foundation said that though this was promising, the lack of a signed deal meant that tariffs would apply to goods such as Ghanaian bananas and processed cocoa products, which would likely be passed to the…

Fairtrade takes big step towards living wages for banana workers worldwide

15 December, 2020

Fairtrade has announced a new base wage for all Fairtrade certified banana plantations, marking a unique move towards a living wage.

Fairtrade to world leaders: climate change is here and affecting farmers now

12 December, 2020

Fairtrade Africa’s Mary Kinyua said progress to net zero is not fast enough, and called for governments to work harder to bring down supply chain emissions.

New Fairtrade study highlights successes and ways forward towards gender equality

10 December, 2020

A new study from Fairtrade – published on Human Rights Day – has explored how women in particular have benefitted from Fairtrade certification.

Fairtrade Foundation opposes ‘short-sighted’ cut to UK aid budget

25 November, 2020

The Fairtrade Foundation has voiced strong opposition to the deep cut to UK aid, announced in today’s Spending Review, and has urged the Government to reconsider the move.

Fairtrade coffee and cocoa farmers in Central America report crop losses due to unprecedented hurricane season

23 November, 2020

Fairtrade farmers in Central America whose coffee and cocoa crops were damaged by Hurricane Eta earlier this month are at risk of suffering further heavy losses as hurricane season continues.

More dough for cocoa farmers

18 November, 2020

Ice cream icon Ben & Jerry’s pioneers holistic approach to living incomes for cocoa farmers, in partnership with Fairtrade.


13 November, 2020

Check out the Virtual Ethical Advent Calendar here. Peek behind the doors of Fairtrade’s Virtual Ethical Advent Calendar… A year’s supply of tea, beautiful Fairtrade Gold jewellery, £100 worth of wine, a coffee and cake bundle including Fairtrade coffee syrups, or is it an ethical smart phone you’re after this Christmas? If you’re looking for an unusual and ethical way to count down to…