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Be full of the best beans with Fairtrade’s The Filter

If you love your daily cup of coffee, you will love Fairtrade’s new video series The Filter.  

 The Filter will give you a different slant on coffee, how you can challenge your taste buds and support Fairtrade coffee producers at the same time.  

 Running from July to December, The Filter will be delivered fresh to your inbox over the next five months.  

The second episode launches today and you can find the first two episodes online.

Watch the first two episodes of The Filter

 They are packed with facts, recipes, and tips to help you get the most out of your coffee – and let you know all about the ways Fairtrade supports coffee producers.  

 You will be introduced to coffee experts from well-known brands, get their expert advice on caffeine need-to-knows such as how to get the most out of your coffee-making equipment, the best cold brew coffee and how to whizz up a very special expresso martini.  

 Grumpy Mule, CRU Kafe, LEON and FAIR Drinks will be among the brands unlocking the secrets of a quality brew, and you can also learn why choosing Fairtrade makes a crucial difference to the lives of coffee farmers and producers.  

 Coffee cultivation needs to be sustainable, fair and deliver a living income for producers.  

 Hugo Guerrero, who is a coffee producer and agronomist in Peru, studied at university with the help of funds raised from the sale of Fairtrade coffee produced on the family farm.  

 As one of the stars of The Filter, who features in every episode, Hugo is putting the innovative, eco-friendly farming techniques he’s learned into practice. These include following organic production methods and a wide range of activities that support biodiversity, including composting, planting trees and reducing the use of chemicals.  

Subsequent episodes of The Filter will also be looking at the next generation of coffee farmers and their challenges, the drive to improve the quality of coffee, and the economic issues involved in growing, exporting and supplying your brew. 

 Climate change has adversely affected coffee growing and Fairtrade is supporting farmers to tackle it through technical advice, a Minimum Price and additional Premium payment, dedicated partner support programmes and environmentally-friendly Fairtrade Standards.  

 Hugo is a member of a Fairtrade co-operatives in Peru, which through access to markets, and with business and technical support, gives farmers the confidence and ability to expand their enterprises.  

 Hugo said: ‘I am really excited to present to all coffee lovers a look at the world of coffee cultivation here in Peru. This gives a voice to all coffee growers worldwide. I hope each episode inspires the British public to choose Fairtrade products.’  

 Dave Jameson, Coffee Program Manager at Bewley’s, said: ‘From working with farmer members of Fairtrade co-operatives all over the world, I know how important the certification and the Premiums are to them and their communities.   

‘I’m very proud to be able to help tell part of their story, and to remind consumers that the choices that they make when they buy their coffee have meaningful impacts.’

Paul Bungener, EMEA Sales Director of FAIR Drinks, said: ‘The Fairtrade Foundation does amazing work and The Filter is another fantastic example. We are always thrilled to share our story, purpose and obviously give cheeky cocktail tips to Fairtrade supporters.’  

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Notes for Editors  

Themes for all six filters: 1 Grumpy Mule Making the perfect cafetiere coffee; 2 Cru Kafe talks you through the perfect cold brew; 3 Give your flat white real depth with LEON; 4 Quest for premier quality and taste; 5 To be confirmed; 6 The perfect expresso martini with FAIR drinks   

About Fairtrade   

The international Fairtrade system exists to end poverty through trade. The Fairtrade Foundation is an independent certification body and NGO which licenses the use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on more than 5,000 products which meet its rigorous social, economic and environmental standards. This independent label signifies to consumers that farmers and workers across 73 developing countries are getting a better deal from trade.   

Today, more than 1.6 million people who work hard to produce coffee, tea, cocoa, bananas, wines, flowers, cotton, gold and many other products benefit from Fairtrade, which campaigns for as well as enables a fairer system of global trade.   

Beyond certification, the Fairtrade Foundation is deepening its impact by delivering specialist programmes to help disadvantaged communities boost productivity in the face of challenges such as climate change.