Co-op has quick and easy midweek meals covered with a new £6 stir-fry deal in-stores now, using Fairtrade vegetables.

The deal consists of a choice of noodles, vegetables, protein and sauce from the convenience retailer’s new and improved stir-fry range, which will save customers up to £2.80. Available in the fresh aisle, there’s lots of new additions too – from vegan-friendly Asian-inspired sauces to aromatic Fairtrade-sourced stir-fry vegetables – which will create an array of tasty meals for two in under 10 minutes.  

As part of the changes, Co-op has also removed over 21 tonnes of plastic packaging from the stir-fry range* and introduced a duo of new Fairtrade “veg trays” – a UK industry first – which will support Kenyan producers to earn fairer pay and protect the environment.  

The farms at Flamingo Horticulture that Co-op are sourcing from used to sell flowers only. Now, they are supported to diversify their incomes through supplying multiple commodities, increasing their income and gaining more security for the future.

The Fairtrade Super Green Stir Fry - pak choi, Tenderstem broccoli, fine beans, mangetout, red onion with red chilli, garlic and coriander and The Fairtrade Super Bright Stir Fry pak choi, red cabbage, rolled carrot ribbons, Tenderstem broccoli, fine beans, babycorn, sweet bite peppers, salad onions with ginger and garlic.  introduces aromatic flavours and each contain one of your five-a-day. 

Another new addition is the Singapore Style Rice Noodles, introducing the signature taste of south-east Asia.  

The wide variety of Asian-inspired sauces have also been improved and are all vegan. Along with the addition of the new Coconut, Mango & Lime Stir Fry Sauce, Co-op is introducing two new gluten-free pastes, Katsu and Thai Green Style, which can double up as curry pastes. 

Laura Clark, Product Developer at Co-op, said: “As a convenience retailer, we’re always looking for ways to offer balanced meal options for our members and customers. Our new meal deal is a great choice for a mid-week meal as it’s quick and easy to cook, and with lots of different combinations to try which are packed with veggies, we’re excited to see what our customers make.” 

Anna Barker, Head of Responsible Business at the Fairtrade Foundation said: “We are so pleased to see Co-op launching the Fairtrade stir fry vegetable trays – such innovative products that will help us to showcase the wide variety of Fairtrade fruit and vegetables on offer in the UK market. What’s more, they’re great value too. Sourcing this wide selection of Fairtrade vegetables means the Kenyan farm can provide more security and opportunities for workers, a key step in the bid to secure higher incomes.”

For the deal, customers can pick up noodles, a veg option, a protein of their choice, and finally a sauce for only £6. Available in Co-op stores nationwide and online, the promotion will kick off from 11th May and will remain an ongoing offer for customers to enjoy. Shoppers can also recycle Co-op’s range of stir-fry bags at one of the retailer’s in-store collection points for soft plastics. For details on the nearest participating store, visit here.  


CO-OP STIR FRY MEAL DEAL – Available from 11 May (ongoing) 

one “carb” + veg + sauce + protein for £6, save up to £2.30 


NEW Co-op Singapore Style Rice Noodles 300g 

Co-op Free Range Egg Noodles 275g 

Co-op Rice Noodles 275g 


NEW Co-op Fairtrade Super Green Stir Fry  

NEW Co-op Fairtrade Super Bright  

Co-op Mixed Vegetable Bag 320g 

Co-op Mushroom Stir Fry 320g 

Co-op Beansprouts 250g 

Co-op Chinese Style Vegetable Stir Fry 320g 


NEW Co-op Coconut, Mango & Lime SF Sauce 150g (ve) 

NEW Co-op Katsu Paste 60g (GF) (ve) 

NEW Co-op Thai Green Style Paste 60g (GF) (ve) 

Co-op Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce 150g (ve) 

Co-op Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Sauce 150g (ve) 

Co-op Chow Mein Stir Fry Sauce 150g (ve) 

Co-op Plum & Hoisin Sauce 150g (ve) 


Co-op British Chicken Breast Strips 250g 

Co-op British Beef Strips 250g 

GRO Chick’n Pieces 200g (ve) 

*Plastic reduction figures based on Co-op’s noodle range moving from punnets to bags.