Check out the Virtual Ethical Advent Calendar here.

Peek behind the doors of Fairtrade’s Virtual Ethical Advent Calendar… A year’s supply of tea, beautiful Fairtrade Gold jewellery, £100 worth of wine, a coffee and cake bundle including Fairtrade coffee syrups, or is it an ethical smart phone you’re after this Christmas? If you’re looking for an unusual and ethical way to count down to Christmas, look no further! Want to celebrate without breaking the bank? Sorted! Excited to learn more about where your gifts are coming from? No problem! 

This advent, the Fairtrade Foundation has 24 very special doors for you to open in the run up to Christmas. From the 1st – 24th December check out a new offer each day. Check the online Fairtrade Advent Calendar and you or your loved ones could be in with a chance of winning prizes such as a Tate & Lyle coffee and cake bundle with new caramel and vanilla Fairtrade coffee syrups, a mix of Fairtrade sugars, a cake stand, latte glasses, and more; a stunning Fairtrade gold Shooting Star Pendant worth £250 from Catherine Zoraida; a Festive hamper of Fairtrade treats worth £99; six month’s supply of Divine Chocolate; one year’s supply of Fairtrade flowers; there’s even a Fairphone 3+ up for grabs!  

Christmas is a time for giving, and as the ethical movement continues to gain momentum, it’s the perfect time for us to think more deeply about our products and where they come from. Around the world, farmers and workers toil to produce some of the things we love to eat, drink and wear. Every day of advent, Fairtrade reveals a unique view on one of these communities.  We know that Christmas will be quite different this year, with many people left unable to celebrate with their families. With this in mind we hope the prizes up for grabs each day will lift people’s spirits and do right by farmers too.  

Explaining the importance of choosing Fairtrade this year more than ever, Renato Theodoro, President of CAFESUL coffee co-operative in Brazil, says: ‘We producers ask you to keep consuming Fairtrade products because the Premium that we get when you buy our products is being used for different social actions that contribute to minimising the effects of this pandemic.’ 

Renato’s story reflects that of many of the 1.6 million farmers and workers impacted by Fairtrade products.  

For a chance to win one of the many beautiful, delicious, and luxurious prizes on offer this year, all you need to do is correctly answer a question about the daily product or the farmers like Renato at the end of the supply chain, posted by the brand of the day. Fairtrade’s Advent Calendar is the perfect introduction to what Fairtrade has to offer. 

Brands taking part: Tate & Lyle, Traidcraft, Tony’s Chocolonely, Arena Flowers, Clipper, Catherine Zoraida, Divine Chocolate, Know the Origin, Co-op, Karma Cola, Liberation, Zaytoun, John Lewis, Tropical Wholefoods, The London Tea co., Quinola, Naissance, retailer* flowers, Puccino’s, People Tree, Cocoa Loco, Shakti Ellenwood, Suki Tea Makers, and Fairphone.

For more information on the prizes up for grabs, please contact the Fairtrade Foundation media team: media@fairtrade.org.uk 


*Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Lidl, and M&S.