Guylian switches to 100 percent fairtrade cocoa

Fairtrade is pleased to partner with premium Belgian chocolate brand Guylian, world famous for its chocolate Seashells as it converts 100 percent of its cocoa to Fairtrade. The conversion will see almost USD $495,624 in Fairtrade Premium go back to West African cocoa farmers in Guylian’s supply chain, which they will democratically decide how to spend.

The announcement comes as Guylian shifts its focus on sustainability as part of a rebranding strategy which includes transitioning to more sustainable production. As a result, the chocolate with hazelnut praliné sold across four continents and in 120 countries, now has a new recipe and comes in new packaging and carries the distinctive blue and green Fairtrade logo.

From relaunch, Guylian will offer a selected limited curated range, which will be available all year round in the UK. The focus is primarily on the Seashells and seahorses, as well as on the individually wrapped Seahorses and a range of 100g premium tablets. In addition, Guylian will also be launching themed packaging around the key annual gifting moments. Finally, the packaging for the duty-free channel will also get a makeover.

Guylian’s CEO Tom Snick said: “We’ve put sustainability high on our new agenda. We want to set the tone for all chocolate brands with these developments. Guylian is consciously choosing a pioneering role by completely engaging with sustainability in terms of Fairtrade, raw materials, packaging and CO2 emissions.”

All new packaging has been designed to be fully recyclable. Guylian is also looking into ways of further reducing its use of paper and plastic. Since the start of this year, the production site in Sint-Niklaas is “fully climate neutral”, which means that CO2 emissions have been reduced to the lowest possible level and all other emissions are compensated. Finally, since 2018, palm oil and soya are no longer used in the production process in order to prevent deforestation.

Michael Gidney, CEO at the Fairtrade Foundation said: “It’s great to see the distinctive Fairtrade logo now appear on Guylian’s packaging in stores nationwide, giving chocolate lovers another reason to enjoy an indulgent, ethically sourced sweet treat that’s been produced with the planet in mind and where cocoa farmers have been treated fairly.

“Cocoa farmers and their families are struggling to make ends meet due to climate change, poor soil quality and long-term low prices. When you choose Fairtrade, you choose education, empowerment, fairer incomes and training to help farmers adapt to climate change.”

Fairtrade sets social, economic and environmental standards for both companies and farmers and workers. For companies that includes paying a fair price and a Premium for the produce, for farmers it includes workers’ rights and protection of the environment. This allows cocoa farmers to earn a decent income, their human rights are respected and the environment is protected.

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About Guylian

Chocolaterie Guylian was founded in Belgium in 1958 and is headquartered in Sint-Niklaas. The company currently employs 220 people. The products of the market leader in Belgian sea shells chocolate are sold in over 120 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. The production facility is still located in Belgium, where 800 million chocolates are produced per year. The turnover in 2021 was €67 million. Since 2008, Guylian has been owned by the South Korean confectionery company Lotte Confectionery, headquartered in Seoul.