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Primark launches global partnership with Fairtrade

New Primark skincare range will include Fairtrade certified ingredients, helping to support stable and secure livelihoods for farmers involved

  • Primark is proudly partnering with Fairtrade globally to launch six new Fairtrade certified beauty products.
  • Products – which include nourishing body butter, bath oil, face cream, balm to oil cleanser, multibalm and hand cream – contain Fairtrade certified shea butter and olive oil and are available in the Wellness section of selected Primark stores from July.

14 July 2022 – Primark has today announced a global partnership with Fairtrade with the launch of a new beauty collection across all 14 markets. Part of Primark’s Wellness collection, the new range features body butter, bath oil, face cream, balm to oil cleanser, multibalm and hand cream, which are all made using Fairtrade certified shea butter and olive oil. The products will be available in a select number of stores across Europe and the U.S.

The partnership was founded upon Primark and Fairtrade’s shared values of offering more sustainable products and improving the livelihoods and resilience of people across supply chains. Each product from this new range will display the FAIRTRADE Mark which shows it has been certified to offer a better deal for the farmers and workers involved. The new product line will benefit shea butter and olive oil producers who are now able to sell their produce on Fairtrade terms.

Fairtrade sourcing enables economic, environmental, and social benefits aimed at improving the livelihoods of farmers and workers. Shea butter is a valuable source of income for women in rural areas. This means shea butter farmers are more able to live decently, develop autonomy and entrepreneurship and improve their ways of working. For olive farmers, Fairtrade certification means producers have access more sustainable, long-term contracts and earn a higher price for their oil, so they can build a better life for their families and communities.  

Lynne Walker, Director at Primark Cares, said:

‘Our Primark Cares ambition is to make more sustainable products affordable for everyone while improving the lives of the workers who make our products. We know we can’t do this alone and so we’re delighted to partner with Fairtrade to work together towards our shared goals. This partnership will help us deliver on our ambition by offering an affordable beauty collection, at scale, which helps provide better opportunities for farmers without a high price tag.’

Anna Barker, Head of Commercial Partnerships at the Fairtrade Foundation said:

‘We are pleased to be working with Primark on six new Fairtrade certified cosmetic wellness product lines which will mean that shea nut and olive oil producers can sell more of their produce on Fairtrade terms.

‘The move means an exciting opportunity to tell Primark’s customers about Fairtrade cosmetics and the ingredients they contain and help build a new market and fairer future for farmers. Fairtrade wants to leverage this launch to reach new and younger audiences, exciting them about Fairtrade and building growth for the future. Look out for the FAIRTRADE Mark on products in store, it stands for education, empowerment, fairer incomes, and training to support farmers to adapt to climate change.’

The partnership with Fairtrade is the latest development in Primark’s ambitions to make more sustainable products everyone can afford, reduce its impact on the planet and improve the livelihoods of workers through Primark Cares.


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Primark is an international clothing retailer employing more than 65,000 colleagues across 14 countries in Europe and the US. Founded in Ireland in 1969 under the Penneys brand, Primark aims to provide affordable choices for everyone, from great quality everyday essentials to stand-out style across women’s, men’s and kid’s, as well as beauty, homeware and accessories. With a focus on creating great retail experiences in-store, Primark continues to expand across new and existing markets with the aim of reaching 530 stores by the end of 2026, including upcoming new markets of Romania and Slovakia.

About Primark Cares
Primark is working to make more sustainable fashion affordable for everyone and is focused on giving clothing a longer life, protecting life on the planet and improving the livelihoods and resilience of people who make Primark products. As part of this it has unveiled a series of commitments it is working to achieve by 2030 called Primark Cares. These include making all its clothes from recycled or more sustainably sourced materials, ensuring clothing is recyclable by design, halving carbon emissions across the value chain, removing single-use plastic and pursuing a living wage for workers in the supply chain.

The partnership with Fairtrade is the latest development in Primark’s ambition to make more sustainable products everyone can afford through Primark Cares. It comes following the recent expansion of its own Sustainable Cotton Programme, where it committed to train an additional 275,000 smallholder cotton farmers in more sustainable farming methods in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh by the end of 2023, increasing the expected availability of own sustainable cotton for its products by 60%. This announcement accelerates the expansion of the programme significantly by 80%, cementing its position as the largest of its kind of any single fashion retailer.

Primark’s new product range is made using Fairtrade certified shea butter and olive oil, key ingredients for skin nourishment and hydration. The collection is available in the Wellness section of selected Primark stores from July with prices ranging from £2.50 to £4.50.

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