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Share the love this Valentine’s as Fairtrade launches in luxury London florists

As sales of Fairtrade flowers from 2019 raise £1.3million for investment in social projects to benefit the workers behind the blooms, the Fairtrade Foundation announces a unique new initiative that will enable even more UK consumers to share the love and for the first time, support a community in Ecuador to benefit from the industry’s most high-impact and transparent solution to sustainability.

Ahead of February 14th, Fairtrade flowers can now be used in bouquets and flower arrangements for weddings, special events and for stunning home displays as they launch in eight luxury UK florists – including Fulham’s Lavender Green which is partnering up with boutique London South Place hotel for a special launch guest offer this Valentine’s Day.

Premium and fully traceable blooms are now also exclusively available in PM Flowers, Floom, Old Oak Florist, Fairynuff and Pinks who are the first partners on the innovative scheme to provide their clientele with quality flowers grown to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Anna Barker, Flowers Senior Supply Chain Managers, of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “We’re absolutely delighted that this innovative partnership has launched just in time for people to share the gift of love even further this Valentine’s Day and beyond. These wonderful florists produce the most stunning bouquets and by sourcing Fairtrade, they can provide their customers with beautiful and fully sustainable blooms. I’ve visited many farms and seen how Fairtrade really transforms the lives of the people who grow, harvest, pack and care for your flowers. This is the first time Fairtrade flowers from Ecuador will be sold in this market and the community is so happy to be growing roses for the UK.”

Colin Gray, Managing Director, of Lavender Green Flowers, said: “Lavender Green Flowers are thrilled to be among the very first florists in the UK to stock and promote Fairtrade flowers through our store and event work. It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness about the difference Fairtrade makes, whilst also contributing to that change by paying the additional Fairtrade Premium that supports workers on the flower farms and their local communities. With sustainability firmly in everyone’s thoughts, we are excited to be including Fairtrade into our Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to showing love.”

The flowers include premium roses sourced by Fleurametz, which is the first wholesaler to pilot this innovative sustainability initiative with Fairtrade and florists in the UK. Ecuador has a wonderful climate for growing roses and this farm is situated at the perfect altitude. The brand new Fairtrade Florists Initiative brings the only Ecuadorian flowers to the UK from Agrogana farm that are certified to meet the industry-leading Fairtrade Standards.

In addition to ensuring the strongest protections and rights for workers, training and support, Fairtrade ensures that 10% of the cost price of every flower stem sold generates the Fairtrade Premium, which is then invested democratically by committees of workers for the benefit of flower farm employees and their families. Across all its flower farms, workers have invested most of this Premium in education for their children and in training to enable staff to develop in their careers and drive social and economic advancement for their communities. 

Ian McClellan, Brach Manager for Fleurametz said: “We’re incredibly proud to be the first wholesaler to launch this initiative and in partnership with florists find a way for more flower lovers to enjoy Fairtrade certified blooms. As a business we recognise Fairtrade is industry-leading in terms of sustainability, with strong environmental and social standards that aim to protect workers.”

As a special offer under the new initiative, ahead of Valentine’s Day, luxurious five star hotel in London, South Place Hotel, will be offering their guests the opportunity to purchase exclusively Fairtrade bouquets from Lavender Green on the special day.


In addition to this brand new initiative, Fairtrade flowers are available to buy on UK high streets and online via Moonpig and Arena flowers. In January Lidl became the latest retailer to launch a range, whilst Co-op was the first to sell 100% Fairtrade roses and Sainsbury’s, M&S, Aldi, Morrison’s and Asda all stock Fairtrade. Thanks to their commitment, together sales have raised £1.3 million in Premium in 2019. Globally, Fairtrade flowers are sourced from 64 certified flower farms with nearly 58,000 workers benefitting from Fairtrade Standards and Premium investment from sales. Agrogana flower farm’s 300 workers will benefit from the Fairtrade Standards and Premium investment generated by sales of flowers in these UK florists.

Further information about Florists via:

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For any further information about the campaign, flower farm case studies, more floral photography or footage contact Susannah Henty, Senior Media and Communications Manager, the Fairtrade Foundation on 07419 343 324

About Fairtrade

The international Fairtrade system exists to end poverty through trade. The Fairtrade Foundation is an independent certification body and NGO which licenses the use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on more than 6,000 products which meet its rigorous social, economic and environmental standards. This independent label signifies to consumers that farmers and workers across 75 developing countries are getting a better deal from trade.

Today, more than 1.6 million people who work hard to produce coffee, tea, cocoa, bananas, wines, flowers, cotton, gold and many other products benefit from Fairtrade, which campaigns for as well as enables a fairer system of global trade.

Beyond certification, the Fairtrade Foundation is deepening its impact by delivering specialist programmes to help disadvantaged communities boost productivity in the face of challenges such as climate change.