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  • Anna Jones Fairtrade Chocolate Rye and Orange Muffin Recipe

    Anna Jones fabulous Fairtrade Orange and Chocolate Rye Muffins

    26 February 2018 by Emily McCoy

    Try Anna Jones’s delicious muffin recipe – the addition of Fairtrade ingredients really give you something to cheer about.

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    Tom Hunt recipe for a Fairtrade Vegetable Fukhara

    31 January 2018 by Tom Hunt

    Fukhara is a traditional Palestinian clay pot used to cook stews.

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  • Zaytoun

    Offering resilience in a fragile land

    27 November 2015 by Cathi Pawson, Zaytoun

    In a fragile landscape farmers need to know how to steward their natural resources to preserve them, and build up productivity generation after generation. In the face of climate change and the restrictions of the Israeli occupation, Fairtrade supports their resilience to unpredictable circumstances.

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  • Palestine 2

    Farming in an occupied land

    28 November 2014 by Veronica Pasteur, Fairtrade supporter

    A couple of weeks ago I helped lead a group from the UK on a tour of the West Bank, visiting Fairtrade farmers and learning something about how the Israeli occupation affects the lives of Palestinians.

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