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  • Arena Flowers Christmas bouquet

    Decorate your home with ethical Christmas flowers

    6 December 2019 by Anna Barker

    Mistletoe, holly and ivy are synonymous with Christmas and for those of us wanting to ditch the tinsel but lift a winter palette, colourful blooms will brighten up your home over the party season. 

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  • Cocoa farmer in Ivory Coast

    ‘Purpose must come before profits’ say business leaders at conference on inclusive economies

    3 December 2019 by Susannah Henty

    ‘Does capitalism need a reset? How responsible are corporates for their supply chains? Am I participating in modern slavery unknowingly? From tea bags to smart phones – how often do you think about the people behind your products?’ 

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  • Christmas Fairtrade gifts

    20 Ethical Christmas Gifts

    19 November 2019 by Heather Nicholson

    Christmas is the time for giving and when you give Fairtrade, your gift will also have a direct impact on families around the world, allowing them to celebrate with their families and share in traditions of their own.  

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  • Plastic rubbish

    7 Fairtrade Switches to cut your plastic use

    18 November 2019 by Claire Liboureau

    Take the standard supermarket product. We buy it, consume it, discard it. But we all know that a product’s life is longer than that. Fairtrade works to shed light on what happens before you buy a product but what happens after you discard it matters too.

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  • Vanilla farmer pollinating

    Anything but 'plain': Exploring sustainable vanilla prices to achieve a living income for farmers

    12 November 2019 by Carla Veldhuyzen van Zanten, Senior Advisor Sustainable Livelihoods

    Natural vanilla has drawn attention in recent years due to its soaring price, rivalling even silver in 2017. While that might on the surface seem like a good thing for vanilla farmers, the instability of the market for the world’s second most expensive spice (after saffron) does much more harm than good.

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  • Ben & Jerry's Fairway to Heaven flavour plus a dog

    Can a dog eat vanilla ice-cream and 6 other things you may not know about vanilla ice-cream

    6 November 2019 by Cat Rayner

    According to Google, the dog thing is a frequently asked question in relation to the search terms ice-cream and vanilla. Who’d have thought?! Needless to say ice-cream isn’t a dog friendly food but according to one site vanilla ice cream might be the safest flavour if you want to share your dessert once in a blue moon!  

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  • Polling station

    Fairtrade and the General Election

    1 November 2019 by Angharad Hopkinson

    The General Election on 12 December is a great opportunity to raise Fairtrade with our Members of Parliament. Here are some top tips on how to talk to the Parliamentary candidates standing in your area. 

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  • Farmer picking coffee cherries from Norandino Co-operative

    It's time for a new Fairtrade revolution

    29 October 2019 by Mike Gidney

    "The one thing we need more than hope is action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action." Greta Thunberg

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  • Tate & Lyle honeycomb peanut bars

    Honeycomb Peanut Biscuit bars by Tate and Lyle

    26 October 2019 by Tate & Lyle

    Sweet, buttery, crunchy and crumbly- shortbread biscuit is a perfect combination of flavours and textures. Try this luxurious bicky with a bottom layer made from shortbread, the middle layer filled with lush honeycomb and salted peanut caramel, and the top layer made with dark chocolate.

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  • ACSC co-operative in Kyrgyzstan

    10 ways Fairtrade helps advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    24 October 2019 by Kelly Hawrylyshyn, Senior Advisor Global Resource Mobilization, Fairtrade International

    Here are ten ways Fairtrade contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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