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    7 things people get wrong about Fairtrade

    1 February 2019 by Patrick Say, Fairtrade Foundation

    Most people are familiar with Fairtrade, so why do the same misconceptions about what it is and how it actually works keep cropping up?

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  • Fair Trade Charter

    Is it okay that the richest 1% own as much wealth as the rest of the world?

    25 September 2018 by Katy O'Brien

    September 25 sees the release of the International Fair Trade Charter, on the third anniversary of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. What is the Charter and why is it important?

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  • Cocoa beans

    How can we tackle modern slavery?

    24 July 2018 by Sam Duxbury

    Globally 40.3 million people are subjected to modern slavery at any given moment.

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  • Dried tea

    Tackling poverty in Assam

    24 May 2018 by Emma Mullins Fairtrade Tea Supply Chain Manager

    We all love a cup of tea but do you ever stop to think about where the tea that goes into making your favourite brew comes from?

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  • Shopping trolley full of Fairtrade products

    Why we should buy more Fairtrade products

    19 February 2018 by Justin Avern

    For every banana to every coffee bean that is sold on Fairtrade terms, a bit more money goes to the community.

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  • Worker at Panda Flowers, Kenya

    How Fairtrade and producers are tackling challenges together

    7 February 2018 by Will Thacker

    The challenges facing farmers and workers are painfully real, and the solutions require a long-term commitment, strong standards, a dedicated support network and a passion for justice. On all fronts, Fairtrade is up for the fight.

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  • Colombia 3

    Putting an end to child labour in supply chains

    6 June 2016 by Marike de Peña, Board Chair, Fairtrade International

    A remarkable story emerged from Berlin recently when five children aged 10 and 11 approached high street fashion outlets asking for a job, saying they were willing to work long hours for low pay. Not surprisingly, they were rejected and told they were far too young to be employed - that it would be “child labour.”

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  • Blog: As consumers, do we have double standards?

    It may be uncomfortable but we need to engage in much more of this kind of self-examination

    2 September 2014 by Julian Baggini (microphilosophy.net) author of The Virtues of the Table (Granta)

    In the latest instalment of a series of thought pieces looking at how highly shoppers place ethical credentials on their list, writer Julian Baggini shares his view...

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  • A Trip Down Ethical Memory Lane

    21 July 2014 by Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive at Fairtrade International

    We all remember with horror the great-aunts who exclaimed: ‘My how you have grown’. Fast forward several decades and we find ourselves parroting the same words when we bump into children we haven’t seen for a while. Their families, with them every day, haven’t noticed and swing round to look at their kids afresh…

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