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  • A Trip Down Ethical Memory Lane

    21 July 2014 by Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive at Fairtrade International

    We all remember with horror the great-aunts who exclaimed: ‘My how you have grown’. Fast forward several decades and we find ourselves parroting the same words when we bump into children we haven’t seen for a while. Their families, with them every day, haven’t noticed and swing round to look at their kids afresh…

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  • Working for the Common Good

    15 May 2014 by Caroline Hickson, Fairtrade International

    A new project to improve the impact of Fairtrade for workers on small farms, and better support the vulnerable farmers who employ them, will begin this year. Caroline Hickson, from Fairtrade International, discusses the drive toward enabling Fairtrade to be a stronger tool in the empowerment of workers.

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  • Fairtrade Hired Labour Standards: steps to meaningful progress

    21 March 2014 by Richard Anstead, Head of Product Management at the Fairtrade Foundation

    New Fairtrade standards for hired labour, published in January, drive real change for workers across the globe. Richard Anstead, Head of Product Management at the Fairtrade Foundation, discusses the journey to unlocking the power of the many.

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