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    Why you should be drinking Fairtrade wine and where to find it

    19 June 2018 by Will Thacker

    You probably know that Fairtrade wine is a thing. But did you know that Fairtrade wine from Lebanon is the thing? As in, flying off the shelves at around 500 Co-op stores? Charge your glass and allow us to explain the story of Lebanese wine.

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    Fair Trade Lebanon visits the UK

    25 November 2014 by Lory Boutchakdjian from Fair Trade Lebanon. Tony has recently visited the UK to learn about the Fairtrade Towns movement

    If I were to describe Fair Trade Lebanon in a couple of sentences, I would say it is an organisation that strives to preserve and valorise the traditional Lebanese know-how of food preservation and transform it into an income-generating activity. With the help of other NGOs, Fair Trade Lebanon provides technical training to residents of villages, helps them to form co-operatives and use their know-how to come up with products that achieve export standards and are easily marketable. Along this journey, Fair Trade Lebanon also teaches co-operatives to work according to the values of fair trade, such as transparency, accountability and fair compensation. Finally, it conducts all marketing activities, from packaging to finding markets to exporting.

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