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  • Sugarcane field in Malawi

    Christmas in Malawi

    12 November 2015 by Anna Galandzij for the Fairtrade Foundation

    In a series of blogs on Homemade with Fairtrade, which centres around seasonal baking and food provenance, we are asking people from around the world about how they celebrate festivals and public holidays in their communities.

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  • Will 1

    Touching upon humanity

    25 February 2015 by Anna Galandzij, the Fairtrade Foundation

    Interview with Will Robson-Scott, the film director of Fairtrade Matters

    There is a certain satisfaction you get from truly doing it your way. Starting it, following through and owning it. Will Robson-Scott is an artist true to what's inside of him. Fascinated with people living on the fringes of society, urban outsiders and raw human energy, the London-born photographer and filmmaker has found a wide acclaim with five Vimeo ‘Staff Picks’, a YouTube phenomenon ‘Chi Raq’, and recently with the project on John and his dog George.

    His new short film created for the Fairtrade Foundation provides a glimpse into the lives of two tea growers in Malawi. We caught up shortly before the film premiere in London…

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  • Malawi 2

    Flooding in Malawi

    24 February 2015 by Faith Muisyo, Head of Region, Southern Africa Network for Fairtrade Africa

    Support farming communities to get back on their feet  


    Starting January 7, the heaviest rains for 40 years struck Malawi, resulting in devastating floods. According to reports, over 300,000 people have been displaced and more than a million people will be affected by destruction of agriculture. Faith Muisyo of Fairtrade Africa tells us what’s happening on the ground, and what we need to do to help. 

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