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  • Chocolate

    15 Fairtrade Chocolate Choices You Can Find on the High Street

    28 February 2019 by Katy O'Brien

    I need chocolate - now! We've all been there - it's Friday, we've been at work all week, we deserve a treat. But a treat for us shouldn't be at the expense of others. We don't want exploitation and poverty to be the cost of our chocolate bar.

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  • Fairtrade Baking Ingredients

    Fairtrade Baking Ingredients

    23 February 2019 by Katy O'Brien

    It’s easy to forget when we’re baking a cake, that the ingredients we use have been grown by people just like us, in countries across the world. Planted, tended, picked and cared-for by someone as part of their job. To think that they might not have been paid fairly for this work is almost unimaginable.

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  • Christmas present

    How to Make sure your Christmas is ethical

    6 December 2018 by Emily McCoy, Fairtrade Foundation

    Every year Christmas seems to be bigger, louder, more colourful, and require more spending. But this year, there’s been a change in shopping sprees – and more people are searching for an ethical answer.

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  • BJ Ice Thumbnail

    How a scoop of ice cream can make the world of difference

    3 December 2018 by Will Thacker

    Putting up your feet and kicking back with a tub of Spice and All Things N’ice feels like a treat… a little indulgent even. But here’s the inside scoop: Fairtrade ice cream does a world of good for farming communities. Read on, and it won’t just be the gingerbread chunks warming your heart…

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  • Christmas products

    Festive Fairtrade Christmas gifts and ethical treats

    30 November 2018 by Emily McCoy

    Get your Fairtrade Christmas all wrapped up with this wonderful selection of ethical lovelies. 

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  • food waste thumbnail

    12 tips for reducing food waste

    24 October 2018 by Bronagh McDermott

    From food sharing apps to tasty leftovers, there are plenty of ways to combat food waste at home. 

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  • Which coffee shops near me sell Fairtrade

    Which coffee shops near me sell Fairtrade

    10 October 2018 by Emily McCoy

    You might make a point of buying Fairtrade in your weekly shop, but when you’re out and about it’s not always so easy. There are so many coffee shops and fancy hot beverages on offer that it can be difficult to know which are fair and which ‘not so much’.

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  • Fairtrade vegan products

    9 Fairtrade Products You Didn't Know Were Vegan

    1 August 2018 by Amy Collis

    Amy Collis in the Fairtrade commercial team shares some of the amazing products she’s found whilst on the hunt for the most ethical choices.

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  • Iced Drinks

    6 Fairtrade iced drinks to help you cool down this summer

    26 July 2018 by Bronagh McDermott

    Chill out with these six brrr-illiant Fairtrade iced drinks, perfect to pop in your bag when you’re on the go.

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  • World Cup Thumbnail

    7 Fairtrade snack ideas to celebrate the World Cup

    26 June 2018 by Bronagh McDermott

    With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, all this cheering is making us peckish. From healthy snacks to delicious thirst-quenchers, here are 7 Fairtrade products to get you in the World Cup spirit! 

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