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  • Sainsbury's sparkline wine, Radical Roots pale ale, Netflix & Chilll'd Ben & Jerry's, Gusto Organic

    Top 12 Fairtrade summer products

    19 June 2020 by Heather Nicholson

    Bask in the sun with these fantastic Fairtrade goodies.

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  • Seed & Bean truffle selection, Odylique face mask, Rock Hound ring

    16 best gift ideas to send during lockdown

    15 June 2020 by Paivi Vahvelainen

    One of the hardest things about Covid-19 has been that we haven't been able to see our family and friends. With social distancing still in place, and some of our loved ones living in self-isolation, why not lift their spirits with a special Fairtrade delivery. 

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  • A selection of Fairtrade chocolate incluing Maltesers and Tony's Chocolonely

    15 Fairtrade Chocolate Choices You Can Find on the High Street

    15 June 2020 by Katy O'Brien

    We've all been there - it's Friday, we've been at work all week, we deserve a treat. But a treat for us shouldn't be at the expense of others. We don't want exploitation and poverty to be the cost of our chocolate bar.

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  • Fairtrade fashion

    5 Sustainable and ethical fashion brands you'll feel good wearing

    16 April 2020 by Hannah Adlington-Goulding

    Forget socks and sandals, the true crime against fashion is the exploitation of garment workers and cotton farmers, many of whom work in unsafe conditions and get paid a fraction of what they deserve.

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  • Fairtrade Mother's Day gifts 2020

    Mother's Day 2020 | 10 Ethical Gift Ideas for Mum

    5 March 2020 by Heather Nicholson

    Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the wonderful women in your life. Show your appreciation through a gift sourced with care for both people and planet. We've compiled a list of Fairtrade gift ideas for Mum; gorgeous floral bouquets, delicious sweet treats and a bottle of fizz.

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  • Food in glass jars by Laura Mitulla on Unsplash

    7 ways shoppers are acting more sustainably

    14 January 2020 by Emma Vass, CEO at Wessanen UK (owner of founding Fairtrade tea brand, Clipper Teas)

    People are beginning to think differently when it comes to grocery shopping. Not only are we thinking about price, we are also starting to consider how the product was made and the impact it has on both people and the planet.

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  • Vegan and Fairtrade products

    10 Fairtrade products you didn't realise were vegan

    2 January 2020 by Heather Nicholson

    Whether you're looking to gradually introduce more plant-based foods into your diet, already vegan, or one of the ever-increasing number of people who have committed to Veganuary (we're impressed!), there are plenty of choices to go vegan and Fairtrade! Here are 10 fantastic Fairtrade and vegan products to get you started.

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  • Fairtrade-Christmas-wines

    6 Ethical Fairtrade Wines

    17 December 2019 by Cliona Duffy

    We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Fairtrade wines.

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  • Christmas Fairtrade gifts

    20 Ethical Christmas Gifts

    19 November 2019 by Heather Nicholson

    Christmas is the time for giving and when you give Fairtrade, your gift will also have a direct impact on families around the world, allowing them to celebrate with their families and share in traditions of their own.  

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  • Plastic rubbish

    7 Fairtrade Switches to cut your plastic use

    18 November 2019 by Claire Liboureau

    Take the standard supermarket product. We buy it, consume it, discard it. But we all know that a product’s life is longer than that. Fairtrade works to shed light on what happens before you buy a product but what happens after you discard it matters too.

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