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  • Macana Tourism, Colombia

    7 Stunning Ecotourism Holiday Destinations

    15 April 2019 by Heather Nicholson

    Hiking in the mountains or lazing on golden sands, getting lost in a foreign city or island hopping; make a difference with your next adventure!

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  • Fairtrade vegan products

    9 Fairtrade Products You Didn't Know Were Vegan

    1 August 2018 by Amy Collis

    Amy Collis in the Fairtrade commercial team shares some of the amazing products she’s found whilst on the hunt for the most ethical choices.

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  • World Cup Thumbnail

    6 Fairtrade snack ideas to celebrate the Women's World Cup

    26 June 2018 by Bronagh McDermott

    With the FIFA Women's World Cup in full swing, all this cheering is making us peckish. From healthy snacks to delicious thirst-quenchers, here are 6 Fairtrade products to get you in the World Cup spirit! 

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  • vineyard in Lebanon

    Why you should be drinking Fairtrade wine and where to find it

    19 June 2018 by Will Thacker

    You probably know that Fairtrade wine is a thing. But did you know that Fairtrade wine from Lebanon is the thing? As in, flying off the shelves at around 500 Co-op stores? Charge your glass and allow us to explain the story of Lebanese wine.

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  • Top 10 Fairtrade Summer Goodies

    10 Fairtrade products to try this summer

    13 June 2018 by Harri Gurney-Hill

    It’s time for another round up of Fairtrade products which get a big summer thumbs up from us.

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  • Merry Christmas Coco Loco advent calendar thumbnail

    Festive Fairtrade gifts for Christmas

    1 December 2017 by Emily McCoy, Fairtrade

    Minced pies, Christmas lunches, baubles and present wrapping! Yes, the festivities are upon us. Here’s a handful of exciting and scrumptious ways you can add a handful of hearty jingle to your celebrations.

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  • A Fairtrade Christmas banner

    10 Fairtrade Christmas gifts ideas

    30 November 2016 by Anna Galandzij for the Fairtrade Foundation

    The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of giving. With just one month to go, we round up a selection of Fairtrade gifts that are not only ideal for Christmas but are a real force for good in the world.

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  • wine

    There is a story behind every bottle of Fairtrade wine

    22 December 2015 by Anna Galandzij, the Fairtrade Foundation

    A report on Fairtrade wine published this month by The Co-operative Food couldn’t have come out at a better time. Sales of Fairtrade wine have this year hit an all-time high, reaching almost 30 m bottles a year globally. Last year, in the UK alone, a record 22.2m litres were sold (worth £27.5m), generating vital impacts for grape growing communities across Africa, and Latin and Central America.

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  • Is cheapest always best?

    Is cheapest always best? Can cheapest ever be best?

    26 August 2014 by Brad Hill, Fairtrade Strategy Development Manager at the Co-operative Group

    As part of a series of blogs looking at the value consumers place on ethical credentials, Brad Hill, Fairtrade Strategy Development Manager at the Co-operative Group, asks us to take a journey back to the source of the things we buy...

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  • Fairtrade wine wins at Wimbledon

    3 July 2014 by dwebb

    Wimbledon is the most British of events, while attracting top talent from all over the world. And among the international attractions this year is a delicious Fairtrade Rosé wine, KleineRuste, undoubtedly a great serve.

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