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  • Worker at Panda Flowers, Kenya

    How Fairtrade and producers are tackling challenges together

    7 February 2018 by Will Thacker

    The challenges facing farmers and workers are painfully real, and the solutions require a long-term commitment, strong standards, a dedicated support network and a passion for justice. On all fronts, Fairtrade is up for the fight.

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  • Fairtrade coffee beans

    When going to school is too dangerous kids are kept in child labor

    12 June 2015 by Anita Sheth, Fairtrade International

    That's what teachers told a group of girls when they reported sexual violence in their schools. If they spoke out, they were told, they'd be asked to leave the school, word would spread, and they might be forced to leave their communities.

    In this sugar-growing community in South America, toilet facilities in schools are particularly risky places for girls, as are social events organized at school after hours. "The men get us to go behind the toilets and because there is no lighting they force us to do things which we don't like," explained the girls. "We can't tell anyone, as even our women teachers ask us to be silent."

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