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  • Macana Tourism, Colombia

    7 Stunning Ecotourism Holiday Destinations

    15 April 2019 by Heather Nicholson

    Hiking in the mountains or lazing on golden sands, getting lost in a foreign city or island hopping; make a difference with your next adventure!

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  • Cocoa farm in Ivory Coast

    Our campaign for a fair cocoa trade is just beginning

    13 March 2019 by Mike Gidney

    One of the most inspiring aspects of Fairtrade is how much young people support the cause. Perhaps it’s because the concept of fairness is well understood in every playground; perhaps because children expect those in authority to defend abuses of power; or having grown up with social media, they are the generation most connected with the rest of the world.  

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  • Anna Jones chocolate lemon pots

    Anna Jones' sea salted chocolate and lemon mousse

    26 February 2019 by Anna Jones

    To celebrate all things chocolate for Fairtrade Fortnight #SheDeserves

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  • Fairtrade Baking Ingredients

    Fairtrade Baking Ingredients

    23 February 2019 by Katy O'Brien

    It’s easy to forget when we’re baking a cake, that the ingredients we use have been grown by people just like us, in countries across the world. Planted, tended, picked and cared-for by someone as part of their job. To think that they might not have been paid fairly for this work is almost unimaginable.

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  • Zaytoun Fairtrade Cookies

    Zaytoun Almond and Dark Chocolate Fairtrade Cookies

    13 February 2019 by Zaytoun

    Tuck into these tasty cookies made with quality Fairtrade olive oil and chocolate.

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  • Fairtrade Chocolate, Orange and Thyme Cookies

    Fairtrade Chocolate, Orange and Thyme Cupcakes

    8 February 2019 by Amie Dawson

    A partnership made in coffee break heaven, Percol and Seed & Bean have come together this Fairtrade Fortnight to bring you these delicious chocolate, orange & thyme cupcakes!

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  • Tess Ward's Hot Chocolate Recipe

    Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

    4 February 2019 by Tess Ward

    Warm up your evenings with this scrumptious hot chocolate recipe from Tess Ward.

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  • Fairtrade Chocolate Mocha Brownies

    Fairtrade Chocolate Mocha Brownies

    9 January 2019 by Tate & Lyle

    Rich and gooey, these brownies hit the spot when you want an indulgent chocolate fix. Serve on their own, with ice cream, or cut into tiny squares to serve with after dinner coffee.

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  • Banana cake

    Fairtrade Banana Cake Recipe

    2 January 2019 by Fairtrade

    Gather your ingredients, then stir, mix and mash your way to tasty goodnes. Follow this easy-peasy recipe and get stuck in! 

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  • BJ Ice Thumbnail

    How a scoop of ice cream can make the world of difference

    3 December 2018 by Will Thacker

    Putting up your feet and kicking back with a tub of Spice and All Things N’ice feels like a treat… a little indulgent even. But here’s the inside scoop: Fairtrade ice cream does a world of good for farming communities. Read on, and it won’t just be the gingerbread chunks warming your heart…

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