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  • Shopping trolley full of Fairtrade products

    Why we should buy more Fairtrade products

    19 February 2018 by Justin Avern

    For every banana to every coffee bean that is sold on Fairtrade terms, a bit more money goes to the community.

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  • Campaigns team

    Influencing positive EU change over breakfast

    12 November 2014 by Rachael Sweet, Communities Campaigns Officer, Fairtrade Foundation

    In a previous life I worked with community groups raising money to support people living with dementia. Their passion stemmed from watching their beloved family members change in front of their eyes, ravaged by a disease with no cure. Before working for Fairtrade, I thought the depth of feeling couldn’t be as strong, as the beneficiaries of the Fairtrade system are so geographically removed from campaigners in the UK. I was wrong. The UK has one of the most powerful networks of Fairtrade campaigners, volunteering their time in towns, schools and places of worship to promote Fairtrade products and values throughout the community. Their passion for the farmers and workers who produce our favourite products is overwhelming.

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