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    Drinks that do good

    27 May 2016 by Fraser Johnston, Business Development Manager at Natural Beverage Co.

    2016 is a big year for brands looking to tap into the growing health conscious audience. And the soft drinks market is ripe and for the picking. As the pioneer in fairly traded soft drinks, Natural Beverages Co., celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, Fraser Johnston explains how the company combines innovation with their Fairtrade values.

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  • Jamaican Flag

    Cameron yet to hit the sweet spot for Jamaican sugar farmers

    2 October 2015 by Michael Gidney, CEO Fairtrade Foundation

    David Cameron’s trip to Jamaica this week was meant to “reinvigorate” ties between the UK and its former colony...

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  • Gilbert

    Navigating the stormy seas of sugar

    2 July 2015 by Gilbert Ramirez

    Gilbert Ramirez, a Fairtrade sugar cane and coffee farmer from Coope Agri, reflects on the Sustainable Sugar Forum run by Business Innovations that took place earlier this month.

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  • Sugar

    75000 emails sent to Members of the European Parliament for sugar cane farmers

    17 April 2015 by Jon Walker, Product Manager, Sugar, Fairtrade Foundation

    In March, the Fairtrade Foundation started to campaign to raise awareness amongst politicians of the impact of European Common Agricultural Policy reform on small holder sugar cane farmers, their families and communities, who rely on exporting sugar to the Europe. Last year, the UK took around 26% of all sugar cane imports that came to the EU, so the issue is particularly relevant here. Currently, there is a quota that limits the production of European sugar, and the gap between supply and demand is filled by importing cane sugar that is grown in developing countries. According to a report for the Department of International Development (DFID), the reform - which will completely deregulate European sugar production in 2017 - could push 200,000 people in the global south into poverty.

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  • Malawi 2

    A sugar cane farmer Allan Saidi blogs about Fairtrade Fortnight

    27 February 2015 by Allan Saidi, Fairtrade Secretary of Kasinthula Cane Growers Association based in Chikwawa Southern region of Malawi.

    Allan Saidi is taking part in the Fairtrade campaigners' producer tour across Wales during Fairtrade Fortnight with Fair Trade Wales. Find out where you can meet him here .

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  • Read our new policy report - Sugar Crash

    Beyond cash for access, who is really calling the shots in EU trade policy

    20 February 2015 by Barbara Crowther, Director of Policy and Research at the Fairtrade Foundation

    Today, to mark the start of Fairtrade Fortnight, we launched our Sugar Crash report, highlighting the potentially disastrous consequences of recent EU sugar reform for hundreds of thousands of small scale sugar cane farmers and their families.

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  • Sugar cane worker

    Crisis for Sugar Cane Farmers

    5 September 2014 by John Walker, Product Manager, the Fairtrade Foundation

    Fairtrade sugar has been a success story. In 2013 over $13 million in Fairtrade Premiums went back to over 60,000 smallholder farmers in countries such as Belize, Fiji, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and many more. This money was spent by smallholders on productivity, environmental and social projects.

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