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  • Oil palm fruit

    Avoid at all costs? Why sustainable palm oil from Ghana and Ecuador is the future

    8 May 2018 by Traidcraft

    At 66 million tons annually, palm oil is the most commonly produced vegetable oil and can be found in almost half of our everyday purchases. 

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  • Colombia 3

    Farming superheroes to the rescue

    6 June 2016 by Marike de Peña, Board Chair, Fairtrade International

    We’ve all got our own favourite superheroes. Not necessarily the muscle-bound titans of “Batman vs Superman” which has been showing all over the world in recent weeks - including my local cinema in the Dominican Republic.

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  • Colombia 3

    Putting an end to child labour in supply chains

    6 June 2016 by Marike de Peña, Board Chair, Fairtrade International

    A remarkable story emerged from Berlin recently when five children aged 10 and 11 approached high street fashion outlets asking for a job, saying they were willing to work long hours for low pay. Not surprisingly, they were rejected and told they were far too young to be employed - that it would be “child labour.”

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  • Gilbert

    Navigating the stormy seas of sugar

    2 July 2015 by Gilbert Ramirez

    Gilbert Ramirez, a Fairtrade sugar cane and coffee farmer from Coope Agri, reflects on the Sustainable Sugar Forum run by Business Innovations that took place earlier this month.

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  • Malawi 2

    A sugar cane farmer Allan Saidi blogs about Fairtrade Fortnight

    27 February 2015 by Allan Saidi, Fairtrade Secretary of Kasinthula Cane Growers Association based in Chikwawa Southern region of Malawi.

    Allan Saidi is taking part in the Fairtrade campaigners' producer tour across Wales during Fairtrade Fortnight with Fair Trade Wales. Find out where you can meet him here .

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  • Will 1

    Touching upon humanity

    25 February 2015 by Anna Galandzij, the Fairtrade Foundation

    Interview with Will Robson-Scott, the film director of Fairtrade Matters

    There is a certain satisfaction you get from truly doing it your way. Starting it, following through and owning it. Will Robson-Scott is an artist true to what's inside of him. Fascinated with people living on the fringes of society, urban outsiders and raw human energy, the London-born photographer and filmmaker has found a wide acclaim with five Vimeo ‘Staff Picks’, a YouTube phenomenon ‘Chi Raq’, and recently with the project on John and his dog George.

    His new short film created for the Fairtrade Foundation provides a glimpse into the lives of two tea growers in Malawi. We caught up shortly before the film premiere in London…

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  • Bananas are still very cheap

    From milk to bananas

    20 February 2015 by Tim Aldred, Head of Policy and Research at the Fairtrade Foundation

    The UK’s dairy farmers are kicking up a stink. They’ve been complaining loudly that the prices they are being paid by supermarkets aren’t enough to cover their costs, and that farmers are going out of business as a result. With supermarkets cutting prices to fend off the challenge from discount stores like Aldi and Lidl, dairy farmers feel that they are losing out. This week, it led some to take to the streets to raise awareness with the public.  

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  • Read our new policy report - Sugar Crash

    Beyond cash for access, who is really calling the shots in EU trade policy

    20 February 2015 by Barbara Crowther, Director of Policy and Research at the Fairtrade Foundation

    Today, to mark the start of Fairtrade Fortnight, we launched our Sugar Crash report, highlighting the potentially disastrous consequences of recent EU sugar reform for hundreds of thousands of small scale sugar cane farmers and their families.

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  • Cafedirect

    Going above and beyond the Fairtrade label

    19 February 2015 by Irina Negoita, Communications Manager for Cafédirect

    Here at Cafédirect we have always strived to provide an exemplary model and go above and beyond the Fairtrade label, using business as a force for good to change lives and build communities. In addition to the Fairtrade social premiums we pay for the crops, Cafédirect reinvest at least one third of our profits to grower businesses and communities. To date, we have invested over 50% of the profits back into the 40 producer organisations they support across 14 countries! For examples of projects that benefitted from this initiative, visit http://www.cafedirect.co.uk/discover-our-difference/reinvestment/.

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  • tea

    2015 a year of the Sustainable Development Goals

    13 January 2015 by Henry Green, Policy Advisor at the Fairtrade Foundation

    For me, January brings with it the annual disappointment of breaking my new year’s resolutions. 

    It has got so bad that, in recent years, I have adopted the ‘baby turtle’ approach, making as many as I possibly can in the hope that one or two make it. None so far – and I am certainly not the only one struggling.  In fact, an estimated 90% of resolutions end in failure. Whether it’s drinking less or exercising more, it seems that doing better takes more than good intentions. To make a resolution stick you need real determination and planning.

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