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Opportunity for a Design & Technology Partner to develop a farmer-centric mobile-based data collection solution

Fairtrade Foundation is collaborating with Max Havelaar Foundation and Fairtrade Africa and looking to appoint a Design & Technology Partner to help us develop a farmer-centric ‘Resilience Tracker’ (the Tracker). We envision this as a digital solution enabling real-time data collection and processing through one-to-many, interactive, mobile-based communication with Fairtrade farmers. Once deployed, we expect that the Tracker will enable us to predict and monitor supply chain risks at their onset and inform the design and adaptation of services to strengthen Fairtrade farmers’ resilience to socioeconomic shocks whilst enabling sustained growth of their economic activity. At this stage, we are looking for a Design & Technology Partner to deploy for us a Minimum Viable Product by July 2022, working with a selected group of Fairtrade small-holder coffee farmers in Kenya. Ultimately, we are looking for the appointed partner to be keen to join us on this journey from the beginning, and in the longer term bringing this solution to scale for all Fairtrade farmers.

Please get in touch if you want to know more by emailing us at and we will share with you a detailed design brief.

The final day for submission of full proposals is Monday 21st June.

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NB We will consider expressions of interest and applications from clearly defined consortia with a lead applicant able to hold contractual relationship with us.

NB We will not consider expressions of interest and applications from teams where the lead applicant is a self-employed individual.