Consultancy opportunities with the Fairtrade Foundation.

Yield data collection and analysis for the Ghana Climate Change and Organizational Strengthening Programme (CCOSP)

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 6th December, 2023, and the budget is 10,000 EUR

In 2020, Fairtrade and Mondelez started the Climate Change and Organisational Strengthening Programme (CCOSP) implemented in Ghana by Fairtrade Africa, with the aim to support the cocoa farmers in the Mondelēz Ghana Cocoa Life programme to become more resilient against changing climate and to ensure ongoing viability of the Cocoa Life unions. The Cadbury Farmer Resilience Fund was launched for one year (September 2020-August 2021) as a flexible grant facility to provide start-up capital on climate-smart new business models, and help farmers maintain their cocoa harvest through the 2020-21 season.

Fairtrade Foundation is seeking a consultant(s) to conduct data collection and analysis on the yields and associated incomes generated through the Income Generation Activities (IGAs) established through the Grant Facility component of the Cadbury Farmer Resilience Fund. In total 38 IGAs were supported across nine unions. IGAs ranged from rice, cassava and vegetable production to soap and bread making. This study will focus on the yield and incomes of the 19 crop IGAs.

Please contact Alastair Stewart with any questions.