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Opportunity for independent research specialists

As part of the Fairtrade-Mondelez Partnership, Fairtrade Foundation Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) team is recruiting for independent specialists in value chain analysis, human centred design research and West Africa regional experts to be part of the Technical Advisory Group supporting the Sustainable Livelihoods Landscape Study – phase 2.

The research in a nutshell

Since June 2018 the Fairtrade Foundation has carried out a research project, led by the MEL team and known as the Sustainable Livelihoods Landscape Study. The first phase of this study completed a landscape analysis and comparative review of Sustainable Livelihoods Initiatives in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire, where 60% of global cocoa is produced annually. This work has now been published and is available on our blog (links to original documents are included at the end of the launching blog post). Whilst through this research we have achieved a clear understanding of what is currently being done, we are now at the stage of asking what needs to be done (and change) to achieve sustainable livelihoods for cocoa farming communities in West Africa – and defining a role for our partnership on this journey.

This research will cover the following objectives:

  1. Develop a roadmap to achieve sustainable livelihoods for cocoa-growing communities in West Africa and drive definition of a new way for national, regional and international actors to partner in this endeavour
  2. Ensure that the initiatives within the defined roadmap will be set up to target the needs and constrains of the most marginalized groups – such as non-organized farmers; informal labour; sharecroppers; geographically isolated
  3. Define a strong alignment of intents between the sector and the farmers in order to identify a list of areas for farmer-centric interventions that will contribute towards the sustainability roadmap

By the end of this phase, we will have produced a publication defining a future vision for the cocoa sector to achieve sustainable livelihoods that the partnership will disseminate and use to catalyse transformative and lasting change for the cocoa farming communities. 

The Technical Advisory Panel

To support this study, Fairtrade Foundation is setting up a technical advisory panel, to provide an independent perspective on the technical aspects of our research. Topics that the panel will provide input to could include: methodological approaches, tools and templates; critical analysis and review of work done to date, a sounding board for different approaches or troubleshooting, networking and facilitating access to key stakeholders, and reviews of key documents as appropriate.

NB More details on the roles’ key responsibilities and application process are included in the attached ToR documents.

Sustainable Livelihoods Landscape Study – Value Chain Specialist ToR (pdf)

Sustainable Livelihoods Landscape Study – West Africa Regional Specialists ToR (pdf)

Sustainable Livelihoods Landscape Study – Human Centred Design Specialist (pdf)

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