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A list of current volunteering roles at the Fairtrade Foundation.

  • Volunteer Privacy Notice

    Volunteer Privacy Notice: Collecting and processing personal data

  • What it's like to volunteer for Fairtrade

    At Fairtrade Foundation we are very proud of our Volunteering Programme. Volunteers have always been an integral part of the organisation working and supporting staff across all departments.

  • Fairtrade Communities Campaigns Admin Volunteer

    We are looking for a volunteer to support with Fairtrade Communities Campaigns administration, ideally for 1-3 days in our London office (this is not intended to be legally binding or to create a contract).  Fairtrade Communities Campaigns volunteers play a vital role in supporting this dynamic and diverse movement which has achieved making products with the FAIRTRADE Mark widely recognized and available and as a result has positively impacted the lives of millions of farmers and their communities.