In 1994 Green & Black’s Maya Gold was the first chocolate in the UK to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

A pair of hands holds Fairtrade cocoa beans in Belize

In 1994 Maya Gold was added to the portfolio and earned G&B’s the UK’s first Fairtrade mark for a chocolate product. The G&B’s brand has now expanded into different Fairtrade formats from small bars to Easter products, whilst maintaining its uncompromised values on ethics and quality.

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Green & Black’s Chocolate

Green & Black’s has decadent Fairtrade portfolio of 19 organic Dark, Milk and White Chocolate flavours.

A selection Green & Blacks Fairtrade chocolate bars

Green & Black’s Gifting

G&B’s has a gift range bursting with a selection of our favourite flavours. G&B’s gifts make the perfect Fairtrade gift for treating your loved ones.

Green & Blacks Fairtrade chocolate gift box

Green & Black’s Easter

G&B’s Easter Eggs make a delectable Fairtrade Easter Gift.  With Green credentials in mind, the Chocolate shells are extra thick to reduce packaging.

A selection of Green & Blacks Fairtrade Easter eggs

Green & Black’s products are  available to purchase online here

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