Blending, brewing and drinking ethical teas since 2003, The London Tea Company is determined to spread the word on how great ethical tea can be.

The London Tea Company’s Fairtrade Story

The London Tea Company is committed to bringing you Fairtrade certified teas and herbal infusions. Through Fairtrade we help to support growers and surrounding communities, by paying a guaranteed minimum price for their crop.

We have developed an exciting range of Fairtrade teas and herbal infusions which are packed with flavour and help provide a fair price the growers and their communities.

The London Tea Company is dedicated to continually striving to reduce our environmental footprint, while increasing our beneficial impacts to people and on the environment. We will comply with all environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice as a minimum standard. Where possible we will work with external agencies to accredit our products and business to provide external assurance.

Herbal Infusions

Our delicious Fairtrade herbal infusions are made only from the finest ingredients. From sweet to spicy, London Tea Company’s herbal infusion selection has something for everyone.

Black Tea

The classic tea range which are best known in the UK. From full-bodied and strong to delicate and smooth we have a Fairtrade black tea for every taste. Ideal with or without, milk and sugar.

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