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  • Rapar and Dhrangadhra Farmers Producer Company

    The future of food

    15 October 2018 by Anita Sheth, Senior Advisor Social Compliance and Development, Fairtrade International

    From child labour to the future of food the voices of young people change agriculture for the better. 

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  • Cocoa farmers

    Cheap cocoa is costing farmers dear

    15 October 2018 by Darío Soto-Abril, Global CEO, Fairtrade International

    Shock, frustration and anger. Those were my feelings after seeing a Fairtrade study in Côte d’Ivoire showing that only 12% of cocoa households earn a living income. 

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  • Which coffee shops near me sell Fairtrade

    Which coffee shops near me sell Fairtrade

    10 October 2018 by Emily McCoy

    You might make a point of buying Fairtrade in your weekly shop, but when you’re out and about it’s not always so easy. There are so many coffee shops and fancy hot beverages on offer that it can be difficult to know which are fair and which ‘not so much’.

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  • Cocoa Farmer

    How much money do you need to live a decent life?

    8 October 2018 by Heather Nicholson

    In the UK, the national minimum wage in 2018 is set to £7.83 per hour. Daily life, however, is much more expensive than a minimum wage can realistically cover.

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  • Quinoa - photo courtesy of Quinola Mothergrain

    Fairtrade Quinoa, Pear and Nut Salad Recipe

    27 September 2018 by Quinola

    Quinola shares two of their favourite plant-based salads. 

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  • How to Grow Quinoa

    How to Grow Quinoa

    26 September 2018 by Heather Nicholson

    Quinoa is so nutritious that NASA feeds it to astronauts on deep space missions. Long before NASA, the Inca called it the ‘mother grain’ and considered it a sacred gift from the gods. 

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  • Fair Trade Charter

    Is it okay that the richest 1% own as much wealth as the rest of the world?

    25 September 2018 by Katy O'Brien

    September 25 sees the release of the International Fair Trade Charter, on the third anniversary of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. What is the Charter and why is it important?

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  • Fairtrade and Cosma 2018 recycling project - thumbnail

    How recycling is improving the environment in Honduras

    21 September 2018 by Katy O'Brien

    Recycling is now an issue of immense global importance as the world aims to minimise the negative impact of waste on the natural environment. 

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  • Tea in Basket - Xuan En Yisheng Tea Cooperative China

    A closer look at organic and Fairtrade supply chains

    18 September 2018 by Clem Teagle, Soil Association

    Clem Teagle from the Soil Association talks to us about why we should be thinking about each link in a supply chain. 

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  • Fairtrade Coffee Beans in Hands - end exploitation of farmers

    Is the Coffee Industry Guilty of Exploitation?

    13 September 2018 by Peter d'Angremond of Max Havelaar Foundation

    The price for Arabica coffee beans has plummeted in recent weeks to below production costs, jeopardising the livelihoods of 25 million coffee farming families worldwide. Peter d'Angremond of Max Havelaar Foundation discusses the impact of the price crash and what we must do now to protect coffee farmers. 

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