Workers at Bigot flower farm in Kenya.

Bigot Flowers Ltd, Kenya

Bigot Flowers Ltd started growing roses in 2002. When they achieved Fairtrade certification in 2008, they made lots of positive changes.

About Bigot Flowers Ltd

On the shores of Lake Naivasha, around 80 kilometres from Nairobi, Bigot Flowers specialises in roses. They grow in modern green houses with drip irrigation to use water efficiently.

Fairtrade gave the farm access to new markets in Europe and they were able to take on more workers, growing rapidly to 1,000 workers.

In this economically disadvantaged part of Kenya, the workers have gained most from these changes. They now earn better wages and enjoy better working conditions. They also receive the additional Fairtrade Premium, which is 10% of the selling price of the flowers.

A democratically elected committee of workers and management, The Bigot Self Help Group, decides how to spend this Premium in ways to benefit everyone.

Fairtrade Premium projects

Toilets and tables for Karai Primary School

  • The Bigot Self Help Group bought materials to build toilet blocks for the local Karai primary school and paid for 150 school desks and chairs

Mosquito nets

  • Malaria remains one of the most dangerous illnesses in the region. The Bigot Self Help Group provided nets to the workers and their families to protect them from mosquito bites.


  • All workers were vaccinated against Typhus, Hepatitus B and Cholera

Ongoing projects including:

  • Training courses for workers including computer training and sewing
  • Grants to poorer families to send their children to school
  • A communal vegetable garden