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Bohemian Flowers Ltd

The Bohemian Flowers Limited is a Kenyan owned floriculture company established in 1969. Located at the shores of Lake Naivasha, Bohemian Flowers Limited is one of the most well respected and renowned flower farms in the world due to its corporate social responsibility, concern for the environment and steady growth in production.

About Bohemian Flowers Limited

With an employment of just under 5,000 workers, the farm produces an impressive number of 350 million stems per year. The farm subscribes and implements a negotiated and sector specific collective bargaining agreement which spells out better terms and conditions compared to the national minimums and the general flower sector.

Fairtrade Premium


The flower business has brought more than 70,000 people to the Naivasha area and put a huge strain on the local hospital. This resulted in bed sharing, unsanitary conditions, staff shortages and increase in infections and disease.

Bohemian Flowers Limited, with six other Fairtrade flower farms, contributed 43% to the construction of the Naivasha Maternity Hospital (2013). Over 20,000 babies have been born at the hospital since 2013.

The hospital is extremely important as more than 60% of the workers at the farms are women. Ongoing donations to the running and development of the hospital, as well as bereavement support are offered.

Moreover, the FPC covers workers’ and their families’ medical costs at local health centres including a 24 hour ambulance service.

Bohemian Flowers Limited FPC carefully listens to the needs of colleagues who suffer from chronic diseases. HIV infected individuals are supplied with nutritional food supplements, which provides them with a balanced diet and helps them maintain their immune system, reducing the threats of complications associated with HIV.