Find out about an exciting, unique opportunity to introduce Fairtrade shea butter to your beauty products.

Shea butter has been prized by generations of women for its beautiful skin-boosting properties.

This is your chance to join a growing community of pioneering beauty brands in using Fairtrade shea butter and paving the way to a fairer beauty future.

Fair focus Fairtrade shea event

Fairtrade shea roundtable

Is your brand driven by purpose? Do you want to create real impact?

Hear from Fairtrade and beauty industry experts at a unique roundtable about Fairtrade shea butter: Tuesday 13 June 2-3pm.

Transparency – the hottest beauty trend

At Fairtrade, we believe beauty products shouldn’t cost the earth or compromise on human rights.

Consumers think this too.

Research shows they are seeking transparency and change-making brands. Yet the wider beauty industry isn’t talking enough about the people and stories behind the ingredients in products.

That’s why we’re rapidly expanding our work in the beauty sector, as new shea butter cooperatives join Fairtrade and supply increases. 

Supporting women entrepreneurs

Shea nuts are harvested from trees that grow in the wild from west to east Africa. Women workers collect, sort, crush, roast, grind, cook and whip the butter, usually by hand.

We entreat you to buy our shea, to keep us active in our economic activity, and to empower us as women and to make the world a better place.

Linda Lariba Atibilla, President of Hope Givers Shea Butter Cooperative in Ghana

When beauty businesses source shea butter, rather than the raw kernels, from cooperatives, women entrepreneurs are able to command a higher price. This in turn provides jobs and livelihood opportunities for women in the community.

Three reasons to choose Fairtrade shea butter

  • Shea production is hard work and can be risky. Sourcing shea butter on Fairtrade terms means women producers are protected by our Fairtrade Standards.
  • Fairtrade shea producers earn a fairer price for their product. They can use the additional Fairtrade Premium to support their communities, investing in areas such as education and forest-friendly harvesting.
  • By working with Fairtrade, you’ll be able to share stories from shea butter entrepreneurs. And thanks to trust in the FAIRTRADE Mark, you’ll be able to reassure your customers that your shea butter is a sustainably sourced natural ingredient.

Choose Fairtrade and you can strengthen your brand and sustainability credentials, and grow your positive impact.

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