What's next?

You're already a Fairtrade Town - so what can you do next to keep fighting for trade justice?

Becoming a Fairtrade Town is a fantastic achievement, but is just one (very big) step on your community’s Fairtrade journey. We all have different strengths and opportunities and it’s up to the steering group of each town to decide how to take it forward.

Make use of our resources

Check out the resource library for electronic copies of all our materials, there's a lot to choose from! If you can't see what you need please contact us on volunteer.towns@fairtrade.org.uk with a description of what you need.  

Fairtrade Films

The Fairtrade Foundation has a YouTube channel where we host a variety of short films that are available to stream. Wherever possible, please stream from YouTube, however, if you do not have an internet connection at the venue and would like a digital copy of a film, please contact us on volunteer.towns@fairtrade.org.uk with details of your event and which film you’d like.

We collected a list of films that have been made externally about fair trade in 2015, which explore a range of relevant issues and themes. Download the list and tell us if we’ve missed any noteworthy films! Our friends at Christian Concern for One World (CCOW) have also made a list.

Sign up to our newsletters for new developments

Ensure that all steering group members are signed up to receive the Fairtrade Towns newsletter – don’t miss out on important campaign news and updates.

Prepare for renewing your application

Make sure that you’re prepared for renewing your application. New Fairtrade Towns have to renew their status after one year – after that it is every two years. Look at our applying and renewing pages for ideas and tips and how to create an action plan.

Public liability insurance

Fairtrade Town groups are often required to hold public liability insurance for their activities, which is available from most insurance brokers or through a specialist service offered by CaSE Insurance. The CaSE Insurance scheme provides £5m of public liability cover and is subsidised by the Fairtrade Foundation.

If your Fairtrade Town group chooses the CaSE option, the Foundation pays the premium to CaSE and asks your group to make a contribution according to the size of population they serve.

Population Fairtrade Town group pays
20,000 people and under £30
Between 20,001 and 100,000 £55
100,001 people and above £95

Register your interest here and CaSE insurance will contact you by email within two days with a quote and payment details. Please note, insurance cover will only be put in place if you accept the quote from CaSE Insurance.

Promote your campaign in the media

If you'd like to promote your activity in the local press then check out our useful media guide and 'how to get on the radio' guide which are full of hints and tips on how to write press releases, engage with journalists and much more. 

Further ideas

Find inspiration and ideas from other Fairtrade Towns, in our case study library and other groups in your region.