Fairtrade Communities

Find out more about Fairtrade Community Groups and how to apply.

Since 2003, the Fairtrade Foundation has awarded Community status to hundreds of groups across the UK.

You can now use the Community Space online portal to apply to become a Fairtrade Community or to renew your Fairtrade Community status.

How to get involved

Fairtrade Community Groups are made up of local people who are passionate about supporting Fairtrade farmers and workers.

We’ve brought in some recent changes to make it easier than ever to get involved in Fairtrade Community groups. Watch our recent Campaign Catch Up to learn more and read our guides on how to get involved.

Campaigners can organise themselves locally into Fairtrade Towns, Cities, Boroughs, Zones and even Fairtrade Islands to work across the five Campaign Action Areas:

  • Action Area 1: Boosting Fairtrade
  • Action Area 2: Connecting Fairtrade
  • Action Area 3: Fairtrade Changemakers
  • Action Area 4: Fairtrade Ambassadors
  • Action Area 5: Fairtrade Influencers

In appreciation for their hard work and time, Fairtrade awards these Community Groups Fairtrade status.

If you need support, please contact our team via email: communities@fairtrade.org.uk

Online Community Space

We’ve updated the way we campaign. It is simpler to get involved, with more opportunities for campaigners to take action.

You can now fill in your Fairtrade Community Commitment online.! Click here to log into the Fairtrade Community Space.

When will we be able to apply/reapply to be a Fairtrade Community?

Applications for Community Commitment status are now open from June 2023.

What if it takes me a while to get used to the new online platform and application process?

We will be offering extensions to any communities that would like to take their time getting to know the new online platform. You won’t be asked to complete an online application or renewal before August 2023.

How does the new online system work?

Your community group’s key contact will have a username and password, which will allow you to log into the new online platform. From here you will be able to see the status of your community group, your current applications, dates from renewing and certificate downloads.

How do I get my username and password?

Don’t worry – we have sent all Community groups key contact an email with all the info on how to sign in for the first time. If you didn’t receive an email- just let us know on communities@fairtrade.org.uk and we can look into it for you.

What will the new application involve?

If your community group qualifies as a Fairtrade Community under the current criteria, you will continue to qualify under the new criteria. These changes will be an evolution rather than a revolution and designed to make it more straightforward to get involved in Fairtrade campaigning.

Why is Fairtrade changing its campaigning processes?

We’re making these changes after extensive consultation with campaigners from all parts of the UK fair trade movement. This showed overwhelming support for a refreshed approach to campaigning for fairer trade in the 21st century.

Fairtrade Communities Map

Find other Fairtrade Communities across the UK using our Fairtrade Communities map. The Map aims to facilitate connections between a variety of Fairtrade Campaigner groups and contains the details of every group who has given their permission for us to share their information.

If you are an existing Fairtrade group and cannot find your group on the map, or the details on the map are incorrect, please use the form below to give us permission to share your details or update any incorrect or out-of-date details.