Fairtrade pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show. A rose and foliage garland around the doorway, opening up to a tree decorated with more Fairtrade roses.

Chelsea Flower Show

Fairtrade: Where hope blooms 

For the first time ever, we recently exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to tell the story of Fairtrade flowers. Our Fairtrade floral exhibit was designed by our florist partner, Lavender Green, with beautiful Fairtrade roses provided by JZ Flowers and FleuraMetz.

Grown by Fairtrade flower workers in Ecuador and from Herburg and Tulaga flower farms in East Africa, our installation represents their resilience during Covid-19 and their hopes for the future.

Did you know there’s also a range of Fairtrade flowers beyond roses? Or that florists can now source Fairtrade flowers? You can find a range of bouquets containing Fairtrade flowers instore and online – just look for the FAIRTRADE Mark and choose Fairtrade.

RHS Chelsea flower show - mock up design of the Fairtrade space at Chelsea flower show, with a flower grower stood on one pillar, a tree in the middle pillar, and the FAIRTRADE Mark

Please contact flowers@fairtrade.org.uk if you’re interested in working with us.

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