10 Halloween ideas for an already terrifying 2020

10 Halloween ideas for an already terrifying 2020

2020 – a year to run a chill down your spine. Here’s a selection of spooky, but sweet (cause let’s give ourselves a break here), Halloween ideas. 

1. Halloween cupcakes: salted caramel and pumpkin 

Tate & Lyle Halloween cupcakes

Did you know that over half of the UK’s 24m Halloween pumpkins will not be eaten? Buck the trend by eating your carved pumpkins in the form of droolworthy salted caramel cupcakes. Once your pumpkin has been magically transformed into cake, I guarantee food waste will not be an issue. 

Go to Tate & Lyle’s recipe for Halloween salted caramel and pumpkin cupcakes 

Remember to pick up a bag of Tate & Lyle’s Fairtrade sugar to magic your pumpkin into cake. 

2. Greggs’ pumpkin spice latte  

Greggs' pumpkin spice latte

Tis the pumpkin season, with spooky carvings and the infamous pumpkin spiced lattes.  

Greggs’ pumpkin spice latte falls firmly under the ‘treat’ category for Halloween. A latte made with freshly ground Fairtrade coffee beans, sweet pumpkin spice flavour syrup courtesy of Tate & Lyle, cream topping and topped spiced sugar sprinkles.  

Find your nearest Greggs 

3. Frightfully good deals at Co-op 

Co-op creepy coins

Co-op has a range of ghoulish goodies to enjoy at home this Halloween, with prices starting from just £1.00.  

Co-op Creepy Coins (£1/80g) 

Host a spooky treasure hunt at home with Co-op’s new Fairtrade solid milk chocolate coins wrapped in foil – a delicious little sweet treat. 

Co-op Pumpkin & Ghost Chocolate Lollipops (30g, £1.00) 

Fairtrade chocolate lollipops that are guaranteed to put a smile on your little monster’s face 

Check out Co-op’s Halloween range from scarily good sweet treats to shockingly great value decorations. 

Find your nearest Co-op 

4. The Jelly Bean Factory 

The Jelly Bean Factory - box of Fairtrade jelly beans

Brightly coloured, super tasty jelly beans. Treats from The Jelly Bean Factory would make a fun, affordable gift for Halloween. 

As well as being Fairtrade, these jelly beans have natural flavourings, plant-based colours, they’re 100% vegetarian and allergen-free. 

Buy The Jelly Bean Factory’s gourmet flavour mix from Traidcraft 

5. Divine chocolate’s Mummy cookies 

Divine's Mummy cookies

Try making these vegan, Mummy sugar cookies coated with Divine’s rich dark 85% chocolate. A great easy recipe by Nourishing Amy to make with kids.

Recipe: Chocolate Covered Mummy Sugar Cookies  

6. Maltesers  


A crispy, airy centre coated in smooth, Fairtrade milk chocolate – a great treat for the little ones. 

If you’re feeling inventive, try using Maltesers for spooky cake toppings like spider bodies or monster googly eyes. 

Buy Maltesers in all major supermarkets

7. Save our Swirled NOW!

Ben & Jerry's Save our Swirl'd Now!

Halloween is a time for ghosts, ghouls and other unworldly frights. But one real world concern is the impact of climate change, and how this is disproportionately felt with marginalised farmers experiencing the issues first hand. Our partner and fellow Climate Coalition member Ben & Jerry’s, has launched Save Our Swirled Now! A new look for the coconutterly caramel flavour we can’t resist – and now with a demand for climate justice that we can’t ignore. So this Halloween find out more about this awareness raising flavour and take action on climate injustice.

Find out more about Ben & Jerry’s Save Our Swirled Now!

For the adults

8. Pumpkin screwdriver 


Chop the top off a pumpkin and fill with this dark and stormy potion: 

Use a serrated knife to zigzag the top off the pumpkin, remove the seeds and wash the inside. Muddle the fresh ginger in a glass to release flavour then add to pumpkin along with the ice, stir in rum then slowly pour in the Gingerella.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

9. A cosy mug of spiced wine 

Woman holding a mug of mulled wine

Winter. Love it or hate it, at least there’s mulled wine to get us through. Warm your hands and chill your heart by telling spooky ghost stories around the fire, fake fire, radiator… 

10. Cocoa Loco milk chocolate sloe gin truffles 

Cocoa Loco sloe gin truffles

You’ve carved your pumpkin and put on a classic horror film, now what?  

Instead of a bag of Trick or Treat swag, as an adult, you have the delightful option of choosing to buy some fancy chocolate instead. It’s one of the perks. You can eat sloe gin ganache, tumbled in raspberry and coated with fine Fairtrade milk chocolate. Yum.  

Cocoa Loco’s milk chocolate sloe gin truffles are Fairtrade, organic and palm oil free. Packaging is compostable.  

Buy Cocoa Loco’s milk chocolate sloe gin truffles  

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