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5 simple ways to help fight the climate crisis

Tackling the climate crisis can feel intimidating. But these five small actions can make a huge difference – especially to those who are already the hardest hit.

The climate crisis is already here. But we know that its worst effects are not felt equally.

It is often those in the poorest communities – often farmers and workers – who are seeing their hard work impacted by extreme weather and diseases.

However, smallholder producers and agricultural workers are part of the climate solutionread about the amazing, innovative actions Fairtrade farmers are taking.

And the good news is, we can all support these climate pioneers by adding just a snippet of sustainability into our daily lives.

Here are five easy actions you can take today:

1. Make the Fairtrade switch

Simply by buying a Fairtrade-certified product when doing your everyday shop – whether that’s a chocolate bar or a bunch of bananas – means you are supporting environmentally friendly farming.

Woman buying Fairtrade products in supermarket

How does Fairtrade support the environment?

Our unique Fairtrade Standards have environmental protection at their core. They require small producers to take steps to:

  • Adapt to climate change 
  • Reduce greenhouse gases and increase carbon removal 
  • Avoid deforestation and protect forests 
  • Tackle soil erosion and increase soil fertility 
  • Reduce water waste. 

Plus, Fairtrade producers receive the Fairtrade Premium. This is a regular amount of extra money they can decide to invest in eco projects.

2. Swap your coffee cup

We all know disposable takeaway cups are hard to recycle: the UK throws away more than 4 billion every year, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Simply pop a reusable coffee cup in your bag so you always have it with you.

From M&S to Nando’s, here’s Where to get takeaway Fairtrade coffee.

3. Sign our community declaration

At the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) the UK Government – along with other wealthy and high-polluting nations – promised once again to fund the work agricultural communities are already doing to take action on the climate crisis.

Today, less than 5% of climate funding has reached smallholder farmers.

Join us in demanding governments meet the $100 billion climate aid promise by signing the Community Declaration.

4. Talk to family and friends

A quick chat could really make the difference – why not spread the word about our work over a (Fairtrade) cuppa?

Not sure what to say? There are some helpful hints in our blog Can conversations really change the world? We think they can!

5. Keep in touch

At Fairtrade, we’re always fighting for climate justice. To find out more about what we’re up to and how you can help, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media. We’re on:

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