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Why your Fairtrade beauty routine matters

More and more beauty and wellness products are using Fairtrade ingredients. Here are five reasons why it makes a difference.

Your choice has a real impact

When you choose a product with the FAIRTRADE Mark, you know it makes real impact on people’s lives.

It means that producers in countries including Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire and Dominican Republic who grow the ingredients on the label, such as shea and cocoa butter, get a fairer price and support to invest in community projects. This could be as significant as improving their local healthcare to building pumps for clean drinking water. 

Fairtrade is a movement for change

It’s not just a one-off. Every time you buy a Fairtrade beauty product you’re helping in our mission to build a more just world. Fairtrade is one of the largest and most diverse global movements for change, working with 1.9 million farmers and workers.

Fairtrade provides an essential safety net for producers when market prices drop. It does this by setting minimum prices for the ingredients they grow.

Fairtrade is the only global sustainability standard that is equally owned and managed by producers, for producers. And Fairtrade workers are protected by strong, transparent standards too.

It’s not just shea butter…

Gorgeous moisturising butters like cocoa and shea are often used in Fairtrade products. But you might not know that oils such as olive, coconut, argan and Brazil nut can be Fairtrade too, plus other ingredients such as herbs and flowers.

You can see the full list of Fairtrade Standards that cover all Fairtrade products on the Fairtrade International website.

Fairtrade products are easy to find

There are so many different beauty products which feature Fairtrade ingredients, from moisturiser to make up, even dental care and deodorant – you can find some of our favourites in our blog about sustainable skincare.

These brands are all a great place to start:

  • Amazon Aware
  • Earth Conscious
  • Fair Squared
  • Honeystreet Handmade
  • Mumanu
  • Naissance
  • Odylique
  • Primark’s Wellness collection

Fairtrade works – for all kinds of brands

We work with many different businesses, brands and retailers – of all sizes.

That’s because our mission is to make trade between farmers and retailers selling products with Fairtrade ingredients easier and more effective.

Fairtrade cosmetics are an extra opportunity for farmers who are already producing ingredients like cocoa, nuts and oils. They give farmers important new markets for the lovely things they grow.

The more farmers sell, the more benefits they get.

So next time you’re topping up your bathroom shelf, join us on our mission to make beauty fairer.

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