The next exciting stage of our Fairtrade journey is laid out in our ambitious new strategy for 2016-2020.

One of the hallmarks of our new strategy Fairtrade Can, I Can is that we’re literally putting the ‘I’ into Fairtrade. In other words, this time it’s personal – in more ways than one.

Over the next five years, the Fairtrade Foundation will push for ever-greater impact, seeking out new ways of bringing the benefits of trade to marginalised farmers and workers. We have four goals to take us to 2020: Focus on Impact, Make Fairtrade Personal, Improve and Innovate, and Strengthen our Organisation.

That means working to create transformational change in Fairtrade’s best-known products. We will also deepen the emotional commitment to Fairtrade, and to our mission of fighting poverty through trade. We will deliver impact through improved ways of working and innovating new services, and play a lead role in strengthening the international Fairtrade movement.

Our strategy aims to offer more. More benefits for farmers and workers. More options for companies. More ways for individual members of the public and local communities to contribute to change. More insight and ideas to take to governments and policymakers.

As we move forward, we invite all of you to reach out and walk with us on this next exciting stage of our Fairtrade journey. People may ask themselves, ‘What can I do?’ but little things can make a big difference – when we work together. When people say ‘I can’, Fairtrade can.