How to apply for a Fairtrade license

Working with Fairtrade is a great way to show your support for farmers and producers around the world and make a difference to their lives – and lets your customers know that your business makes or sells ethical products.

Now that you have made the decision to work with us and become a licensee, what do you need to do?

Below is our licensee checklist to make sure you’re ready to apply. Please answer the following questions to see if you can become a licensee, or if there is another way for you to be involved in Fairtrade.

Licensee checklist

Are you UK based?

We are only able to register UK based companies to use the FAIRTRADE Mark.

If you are outside the UK please contact Fairtrade International to find out who your National Fairtrade Organisation is.

Do you work with products that have Fairtrade Standards set for them?

Fairtrade Standards exist for products that make the most difference to farmers and workers in the developing world. Visit Fairtrade International to understand more about why we have standards for particular products.

Will you be selling a finished product that will carry the FAIRTRADE Mark?

If you are trading Fairtrade commodities or ingredients rather then finished products, please visit our Trader application page. If you are working with finished products which you have bought from a licensee or distributor and which already carry the FAIRTRADE Mark, please visit our Tell your Fairtrade story page to see how you can promote your Fairtrade range.

Do your products meet the composition requirements for Fairtrade products?

For a product to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark it must contain a minimum amount of Fairtrade ingredients. Please check that your products will meet these requirements on our product composition page.

What do we expect from our business partners?

Find our Fairtrade Standards for UK Operators here to familiarise yourself with the internationally-recognised requirements you will have to meet.

Ready to apply?

Here is what you will need to do become certified by the Fairtrade Foundation:

Step 1: Please contact us by phone, 0203 301 5001 or by email, to start your application.
Step 2: Once you have completed your application, we will send you a licence agreement
Step 3: Please print and sign the licence agreement and return it to us as instructed. You now hold a licence to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on products that meet our requirements. However, you must first register your products with us so we can be sure they meet the Fairtrade Standards.
Step 4: Submit your product information through our online system, including your supplier, the products’ composition and artwork for our Product Integrity team to approve.
Step 5: Once you receive approval for the product recipe and the artwork, your products can now be marketed as Fairtrade and carry the approved FAIRTRADE mark